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Tuesday, 24 December 2013


After every crime committed by Muslims we have always witnessed Muslims saying the same worn out argument; Muslims “arent all bad” and “don’t paint us with the same brush”; which Muslims conveniently summarise as “IT’S THE MINORITY”; BUT NOT US. This cliche is a tried and tested “DECEPTION” within Islam which can be easily exposed. …

Firstly if you count how many crimes have been committed overall in a nation and then count how many by Muslims, it always highlights a significant proportion, especially the MAJORITY of cases related to terrorism and rape. 

If you also calculate how many Muslims make up the population in that country, it then illustrates that even when they make a smaller group than the whole, Muslims commit a MAJOR proportion of crimes and it’s therefore definitely NOT A MINORITY. 

Extending further, when one delves into the number of convictions, one can identify that it’s often a MAJORITY of Muslims within a Muslim community. The recent grooming gang cases in the UK alone poignantly highlighted this, among the overwhelming proportion of terrorist attacks over the decades by Muslims, yet these are just the cases being reported.

The percentages then come out and every Muslim then thinks they are amazing social statisticians, even better than God, claiming they are able to accurately quantify the Muslim ummah and the number of terrorists within it, which is a flawed argument in itself as I will illustrate. They always say it’s 1 per cent or less, THE MINORITY BUT NOT US (99%). Yet even if there is 1.6 billion Muslims in the world (which is disputable) and if only for example 0.5 percent (half of one percent) are deemed radical that would still mean a massive number: 8,000,000 i.e. 8 MILLION RADICALS! …and if each one completed “a successful suicide mission killing at least 50 people” (as defined by Alqaeda) that would mean killing 400,000,000, people!

Yes I repeat: killing 4 hundred million people. Nearly 8 times the population of England! So even 0.5 percent of Muslims is not a minority in the real sense whatsover, especially when it comes to Muslims willing to wage Jihad. What’s further devastatingly true is the overwhelming support Muslims give to this supposed minority of pro Jihad Muslims. This support network amongst Muslims for Jihad is blatantly obvious and whether direct or indirect turns the problem into a MAJORITY of Muslims… If not ALL MUSLIMS, especially when the crimes mimic the actions of Muhammad who they all portray as exemplary…

We then constantly hear the language of the Muslim apologists labelling this IMAGINARY MINORITY using terms like: it’s the “militants”; the “extremists”; the “jihadists”; the “fundamentalists” and so on BUT NOT US. Firstly such terms exist due to political correctness and the bias in the media to protect Islam, because of the fear of using the word “MUSLIM”. You see we never hear such disguised terms for other Murderers, Rapists, Paedophiles, Thieves or Terrorists. Having said this, despite the attempted cover up, when one asks the typical Muslim terrorist what influences their actions, its revealed that it’s the very Sunnah and Deen (way of life) of Muhammad as written in the Hadiths and the Quran, which is the very same source that define what a Muslim is and the foundations of Islam. Thus such terrorists are practicing true Islam and are real Muslims. Nothing more and nothing less. They therefore don’t need special terms because these people committing crimes are called “practicing Muslims”.

A key point: every Muslim is forbidden to criticise such Islamic texts and the example of Muhammad. In fact ALL MUSLIMS are told as part of Islam, to believe that such behaviour is not only acceptable, but the example to follow.

This highlights a major overwhelming fact, ITS NOT THE MINORITY, ITS ALL MUSLIMS that support and justify the negative actions of their community wherever it replicates the actions of their prophet which includes, terrorism, rape, grooming, killing, torture, slavery, robbery and subjugation of Infidels…

…otherwise they wouldn’t be Muslim.

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