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Saturday, 7 December 2013

David Duke Kicked Out of Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2013

David Duke: He’s 63, but he makes sure to keep up a steady gym routine so he has the upper-body strength needed to suppress people’s rights and freedoms.
David Duke has been kicked out of Italy, hit with a ban which covers the entire Schengen area. The Italian court ruled that he was “socially dangerous for his racist and anti-semitic views.”

Duke, who had been granted a visa to study and write in a mountain village of Valle di Cadore, came under fire after police ‘discovered’ (read: were alerted of by the Jews) a Swiss ban on him from 2009, when that country claimed that he was part of a conspiracy to suppress people’s human rights.

David Duke is about the most friendly, gentlemanly person I’ve ever seen on YouTube – it is intensely goofy to call this guy a neo-Nazi “planning to suppress rights and freedoms.”

The claim that there is anyone anywhere who has on their agenda the suppression of people’s rights as some kind of end goal is in itself Orwellian and bizarre. This claim rests solely on the imagery of the Nazis as super-villains who were just evil because they thought it was fun to be evil. In reality, the Jews are the only ones who want to suppress people’s rights and freedoms, and they don’t do it just because they think it is fun to be evil, they do it because people having rights and freedoms gives them the ability to question the Jewish power structure.

Duke is the one who is having his rights violated here. Muslims can’t get kicked out of Europe for raping corpses, but a White activist gets kicked out for thought crime and weird claims of a super-villain world domination plot.

Though I have criticized his approach at times, given that I feel he can be simply too nice about things, he is a solid guy who has done more than anyone else alive right now for he White cause, and he has a right to live in an Italian mountain village if he wants to live in an Italian mountain village.

I hope he is successful in his appeal.

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