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Thursday, 19 December 2013

"Dangerous Speech Project"

December 18, 2013

I. In a case in Russia where a Judaic person, Mendel Beilis, was not guilty of ritual murder, the innocent accused person was acquitted by decent gentiles: (Pay attention to the disparaging (but instructive) remarks in this article about Malamud's novel "The Fixer" - a book worth reading).

This does not signify that every accusation of Judaic ritual murder is not true, a claim refuted by Prof. Ariel Toaff in his book "Blood Passover," before he was forced to recant his thesis due to threats to his academic career and even his freedom.

II. Borrow a copy of today's Wall Street Journal and turn to page A15 in the first section and read the editorial column, "A Prelude to Murder: Calling Humans Vermin.”

Jewess Susan Benesch, founder and director 
of the “Dangerous Speech Project"

In the column, Susan Benesch, a fellow of the US Holocaust Museum (she founded something called the “Dangerous Speech Project”), and her co-author Jew Michael Abrahamowitz (a US Holocaust Museum director), offer as examples of hate speech-purveyors, Nazis, Buddhists, Greek Rightists, and Iranians who refer to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a "rabid dog.”

Benesch and Abrahamowitz have not a word to say about influential rabbis such as Ovadia Yosef who declare their desire to annihilate the Arab people and subjugate the goyim. Benesch and Abrahamowitz give the impression that hate is being spewed by one broadly caricatured class of miscreants tracked and exposed by high-minded Judaic persons who are morally positioned to judge the offenders -- and exempt the rabbis.

"Dangerous Speech Project":

Dossier on Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's Hate Speech:

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  1. 'Abolish The White Race'... Not hate speech then?


  2. The jew should be regarded as a black magician. The words of the jew are spells designed to bind and harm others for profit and pleasure. Two words...... Spiel Berg...... Spell Mountain. It feeds on others.

    The jew finds those who seek truth by casting aside jew spells "dangerous'... This is perfectly natural..... To use words that may have the jew rendered impotent in its quest to harm others is seen by the jew as 'hate speech'....... The spells of the jew are leveraged and cast broadly via the media.....through many channels.

    More than anything else, the jew is a liar, and liars do not speak for the benefit of those unfortunate enough to hear then act in accordance with the will of the jew.