The 14 Words

Monday, 2 December 2013

Contrary to popular belief I have not given up I just needed a break for a month but now I'm back

After not viewing this Blog for nearly a month I am not surprised to see that the Internet Trolls working out of Tel Aviv have been very busy in the 'Comments'. They think I've given in so now they feel free to put the boot in, well they don't know me, I am not a quitter. I am back!

Yeah the picture on the right is me and unlike the Anonymous commenter's on this blog I am not afraid to say who I am, what I stand for and what I look like. I have faith in the Creator, faith in MY people and my race and unlike how many of our people have become I am no fucking coward.

I will state right now that Adolf Hitler is my spiritual guide and that I am a National Socialist through and through, I do not try and appease our enemies, the Jew, the Muslim and the Reds, my solution for them is total extermination. You have to fight fire with fire after all they wish to destroy my race, don't they?

I actually needed a break it has done me good because now I have renewed vigour to fight the cause for our existence, who would have ever thought that it would come the the point where we have to fight for our very existence in our own land?
Those brave British lads in the two World wars fighting, raping and slaughtering their European brethren for the existence of Jewish world domination certainly didn't. Did they?

Hail Victory

-John Hardon


  1. I was getting worried. I thought that the 'Democracy' loving jew had shut you down.

  2. God bless you John, One of the best National Socialist blogs around, keep up the good work mate!