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Friday, 20 December 2013

Concentration Camp Toilets

'Jews were forced by evil nazis to wipe their posteriors on images of the star of david. 
To begin with many refused but other inmates were not prepared to live with the results'

Over one million, thin, emaciated, elderley and frail Jews were flushed down toilets and drowned at Dachau concentration camp a former guard admits. Hennie Rothsteinowitz, currently not awaiting deportation from Romania to Austria on war crimes charges, claims his name only sounds Jewish, and that he was not as alleged by a historical revisionist a sex club owner in Lintz who forced poor white German actresses to have live sex with donkeys on nightclub stages in deference to the teachings of the Talmud, but was actually a nazi concentration camp guard who wore striped underpants ‘for kicks,’ says that the toilets were especially made by the German-British corporation Siemans-Shanks to power flush Jews into giant pipelines which had been secretly connected to a hidden industrial site where they were converted into Spam by the “definatly not-Jewish Hormel food company” and then exported through secret networks across the borders into the allied sphere to be served to hungry British and French troops in North Africa. “I dont know anything about Jews” said Rothsteinowitz “but I was told it was all totally Kosher.”

Allegations first surfaced in a Holohoax cartoon about the British role in the sanitation chambers at Dachau along with claims that Nazi nurses had washed one hundred and fifty thousand patients to death with acid-laden soap made by the German soap company Einshlaufer-Weisban, then going on to use their finger and toe bones to make chess-pieces for the use of the SS on the Eastern Front.

The dreaded ‘crapper-pits’ at dachau. Inmates with constipation often held up the 
process. There are said to be 950,000 holocaust-toilet survivors in israel alone.

Yad vashem holocost museum: sara altzman’s touching tribute to the dachau 
crapper victims who’s fate she blames on Christianity


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