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Thursday, 12 December 2013


Imagine this.

A group of French people immigrate to Israel. (Ignoring that, in reality, non-Jews can not legally immigrate to Israel, unless they are workers only staying temporarily or such.) Then, these Frenchmen create a number of political organizations, intending to change how their hosts think.

The Frenchmen say to the Jews in Israel, who kindly let them enter their country, 
“it’s wrong of you Jews to have ‘ethnic pride’. There is no such thing – it is only racism.”
The Frenchmen say to the Jews, 
“you must stop celebrating Jewish holidays or traditions in public. Jewish symbols should not be allowed to be shown in public places, either. It makes us Frenchmen feel uncomfortable.”
The Frenchmen say to the Jews, 
“to say that this country, Israel, is the ‘homeland of the Jewish people’ is only supremacism. The country belongs to everyone who lives here, and to everyone who immigrates here. And everyone should be able to immigrate here. We are all humans, after all…”
The Israeli Jews object, 
“but with such a policy, we will become a minority in our own country in a few years!”
The Frenchmen reply, 
“that’s only scaremongering. And in any case, you have no more right to Israel than anyone else. Only bigots would think a people needs a homeland.”
The Frenchmen use their influence to draft laws in Israel which make it illegal to criticize the French guests, or to boycott France for any reason.

They pressure the more corrupt politicians into letting more and more people of every ethnicity into the country, until the Israeli Jews become a minority group. Only then can the Frenchmen feel that they will never be rejected as outsiders by the majority population.

They remove the legal restrictions which ban Jews from marrying non-Jews. They dismiss as “haters” those Jews who speak against marrying non-Jews.

The Frenchmen find employment at Israeli universities, where they teach that Jewish people have nothing to be proud of – only things to feel guilty for. They teach that Jewishness is only a social construct which should be abolished for the benefit of mankind.

Younger school children are not spared either. In the name of tolerance and diversity, every child must go to mixed schools, where they will learn the new “anti-racist” ideas of the French guests. The schools will no longer celebrate Jewish holidays or traditions, and every student is taken to museums and shown movies where the message is that Jewish identity in itself is evil. Jewish children in Israel grow up to hate their own ethnic group, and to participate in their own destruction.

Can you imagine this scenario? Would the behavior of the French guests be proper?

Jews do everything of the above, and much, much more, in their host countries – in our Western countries. They do it openly, they do it brazenly, and they mercilessly attack anyone who reacts.

What sort of treatment, then, do these Jews who violate our hospitality deserve?

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