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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Buggernation Street (Ernies problems)

Video found here

This Soap Opera (Real title Coronation Street) has been running in the UK for 50 years it is aired at 'prime time' twice a day on Monday's and Friday's and once a day on Wednesday. The episode below is from the early 1970's before they 'enriched' the content with 'diversity', blacks, Asians, homosexuals and lesbians. Everytime it's on it attracts millions of viewers throughout the UK.

It is screened at a time when children will be up to see it and is used by the Zionist propaganda committee to sublimely brainwash the British population of gullable sheep into accepting their own demise.

Ok the audio on the video is not the original but it is far more entertaining. 

-John Hardon

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