The 14 Words

Friday, 6 December 2013

Britain in 1964 & Britain 2013. Which era would you rather live in?


  1. In that year, a midlands Conservative politician, actually stated openly near election time:

    'If you want a Nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour'. Also, the BBC, ever the Leftist subversives, offered to pay Marcus Garvey, or Malcolm X, to come to England and speak about 'oppression' of his people, here, in England.

    The era was still largely White, but the writing was on the wailing wall after the Aryans lost the war against the Rothschilds.


    1. Now in 2013 it should be:

      If you want a Paki or a Nigger for a neighbour, vote Tory, Liberal, UKIP, BNP or Labour


    2. John, the BNP are playing the longer, clever game. The constant rubbishing of fellow Nationalist parties is wrong. Whatever some individuals feel, should not deflect from the obvious pro-white articles and policies they put out on their site.
      Don't forget mate, earlier this year, you put up a video of Jimmy Hendrix, and said words to the effect of 'sod you, what have you done for the cause'. I agree with you and others on blogs, but political parties are a different animal, and would be 'Golden Dawned' in a day if they chose the language and open hostility to the enemy, that can be gotten away with on a blog.