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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Blonde race-mixer butchered by boyfriend in Jealous African rage

Jealous boyfriend who stabbed ex-girlfriend 83 times after wrongly accusing her of having an affair is jailed for life.
  • Cornelius Brown, 23, has been sentenced to life in prison for murder
  • Stabbed girlfriend Jade Riley-Ward 83 times in September last year
  • Wrongly accused Jade of having an affair before torturing her
  • Brown then got his mother to come to the house where he asked her to kill him because he ‘wasn’t man enough to do it’

Derbyshire, England – A jealous boyfriend who stabbed his partner 83 times with four different knives after wrongly accusing her of having an affair has been jailed for life.

Cornelius Brown, 23, tortured and killed 30-year-old Jade Riley-Ward in the kitchen of her house in Somercotes, Derbyshire, in September last year.

Brown then called his mother and asked her to come to the house where, still covered in his girlfriend’s blood, he begged her to kill him because he ‘wasn’t man enough to do it.’

Nottingham Crown Court heard that Jade and Brown had known each other since childhood, as Jade had been his babysitter, and they started a relationship in January 2012. But Brown’s ‘jealous streak’ soon became apparent and nine days before her death, Jade sent Brown a text message saying she ‘wanted space’.

In a jealous rage, Brown became convinced that Jade was having an affair behind his back.

On September 22 last year Brown visited Jade’s house with mutual friend Wayne Roberts who left before Brown began his attack.

Sentencing Brown to life with 20 years before being considered for parole, Judge Jonathan Teare said: 
‘Your attack on Jade Riley-Ward was deliberate, vicious and prolonged.
‘It would not be wrong to describe it as torture. You used up to four knives to inflict 52 individual cuts on her head, face, torso and back.
‘She tried to defend herself to the point that there were another 31 defence wounds to her hands and arms. She tried to stop you and not one of those knife wounds killed her outright. She essentially bled to death at your hands.’

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