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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Blacks and Jewess's to appear on Banknotes

Figures such as lying Jewess Anne Frank will have a greater chance of being chosen to appear on bank notes under a new selection regime unveiled by the Bank of England

From the Daily Mail:
More women and significant black figures will appear on bank notes under a new selection regime unveiled by the Bank of England. Figures such as Mary Seacole, the suffragettes, National Trust founder Octavia Hill or biophysicist Rosalind Franklin will have a greater chance of being chosen.
The decision is a victory for campaigners, including Labour MP, Stella Creasy, who were subjected to threats and a vile hate campaign via Twitter after arguing for a greater place for women on the notes.
In another change, the Bank has decided that it may be possible for a small group of people to feature on the notes under a decision to open up the selection process to public nominations.
Details emerged as the Bank of England confirmed a switch to longer lasting plastic bank notes from 2016 onwards with the introduction of a new £5 featuring the image of Sir Winston Churchill.
A new £10 note will arrive in 2017 using a controversial portrayal of Jane Austen.
The decision to draw up new rules follows pressure on the new governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, to include more women.
A group called the The Women’s Room, had launched a campaign to change the selection process, which they said was secretive, prejudiced, sexist and potentially illegal.
They were particularly critical of the decision to select Churchill to replace social reformer Elizabeth Fry on the new £5 notes. >>> Read more...
 Just a matter of time:

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