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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Black Serial Rapist Rapes White Woman to “Get the Racism Out of Her”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2013

Serial rapist/social justice warrior Cody Durand Kelly.

Black terrorist Cody Durand Kelly had been convicted of rape in 2011, when he pleaded guilty to charges of third-degree rape, second-degree assault with strangulation and fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation in a case which involved two victims, and in 2012 he pleaded guilty to multiple charges in connection to a rape of a 17-year-old at a bus stop.

On Sunday, he went on a rampage through a Seattle park. Several people called 911 at 11:30 AM, saying a black man was chasing people through the park. He had grabbed one woman, who he shook and called a racist before she escaped.

He started yelling and praying while urinating, and chased and tackled a second woman, who he raped from behind.

When the police arrived and apprehended him in a parking garage, he stated that he had raped the woman to remove the racism from her.

Kelly had been wanted by the police at the time of the assault for having failed to register as a sex offender after the 2011 case.

This case demonstrates two things:

a) black people commit rape against White women for definitively racial reasons, and
b) the American criminal justice system is incapable of protecting White people from black criminals, and in fact appears to have little or no interest in doing so.
Once again, we are left with the clear reality that the only way to protect ourselves from blacks is to remove them from our society entirely.

Black rape is a secret epidemic. Between thirty and forty thousand White women are raped by black men every year. This is approximately one rape every 15 minutes. And yet, we are actually supposed to believe that it would be a sin to acknowledge the obvious racial nature of this ongoing systematic violation of our women by the blacks. Jewish newspapers are intent on confusing and covering up the problem, while Jewish-run rights organizations are focused on pretending that anyone who mentions it is evil.

This is such a clear and obvious conspiracy, so easy to point out and so emotionally-charged that it must be a focal point when trying to alert the masses to the nature of our plight.

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  1. A.P.T. Otherwise known as the Aryan Protection Team. Worth thinking about?