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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Beautiful Aryan White Woman Vs. Ugly Jewess Model Actress

Look at the difference between White (Aryan) Grace Kelly and Jewess Sarah Jessica Parker…..This is what pisses off the Jews …..Most of their women look like barnyard animals , while our people are mostly Angelic in nature.

Grace Kelly: No plastic surgery ever!!!

Jewess Sarah Jessica Parker before and after plastic surgery. You can not fix a barnyard animal jewess face even with plastic surgery. The Jewish media pawns this creature off as beautiful!! LOL


  1. Maybe that's why the Juden cannot stand healthy, beautiful architecture. Their ugliness in physical form, makes them mentally want to deface both their own tribe, and our classical heritage.


  2. Before and after plastic surgery? So which is which?

  3. Notice how many jews wear glasses......with thick pebbles as lenses!