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Friday, 6 December 2013

Australia and Aboriginals

Captain Cook arrived in Botany Bay, near what is now Sydney in 1770. This was a bit before Tom Paine wrote Common Sense, which gave the intellectual trigger to the American Revolution of 1776. Australia was settled over a century or two and that meant that the Aboriginals were somewhat dispossessed. In fact that was what they did to previous waves of incomers. We have not been accused of cannibalism though. A decent answer to this situation would have been to integrate them into our culture. It is far superior after all. Something like this was happening until the 1960s and 1970s. Then the left and Marxists started driving policy. The result has been appalling for them, a major nuisance for civilized people and hugely expensive for tax payers.

Peter Howson was the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and writes knowledgably about cause and effect; about how people have been driven to drink and penury by fools and rogues. There is a wider message here about how the world is run and by whom. His most recent article, No More Sit-Down Money [ Quadrant, November 2004 ] is well named. Here are some links to aspects of the Culture Wars. One point is that the lefties claim that calling someone an Abo rather than Aboriginal is insulting. Given the damage that they have caused that is a bit of insolence.

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  1. This sensitive, dysfunctional debate is ludicrous: the Aborigine will never put a boomerang on the moon. They need an arm-strong!