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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Arthur Kemp praises anti-white terrorist Mandela

Arthur Kemp, author and former BNP politician

When Nelson Mandela died, Arthur Kemp, who supposedly is a white nationalist, republished a post of his on his blog where he praises Nelson Mandela, despite admitting that Mandela was an anti-white terrorist. Kemp even says that it doesn’t matter that the black savages who now make up the majority are not the native population of South Africa: 
“all that counts is who is the majority population now.” 
He cares not that South Africa has become worse in every way since the fall of apartheid – because now the blacks, who have no more moral right to the country than the whites, rule the country, and that is all that matters to Kemp. Now, thanks to ANC, thousands of whites are being slaughtered by the dark barbarians, who feel free to do whatever they wish to the white minority which has lived there for hundreds of years.

Kemp’s view is not a pro-white view. It is an anti-white view.

Here, by the way, is the current President of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma:

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  1. Wrong. Kemp never stood in elections, he was not a politician. Kemp somehow fudged nearly 20 million leaflets that were supposedly to be ready for posting. He is, was, against Griffin and thus came under suspicion by many. People still think he is a serious intellectual, but Griffin had the sense to let him hang himself. The BNP is still the only political hope for Britain.

    Former NF Nat.