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Friday, 20 December 2013

Armed 19-year-old Thug Robs Seattle Bus - One Passenger Says NO and Fights Back - "He Was Such A Good Kid" - Until He Wasn't

Trevonnte Brown, 19, boarded a Seattle public bus with a ski mask and a handgun. He immediately started robbing passengers at gunpoint.

After taking possessions from three people, the fourth would-be victim fought back. He stuck his finger into the trigger guard, behind the trigger, to prevent the thug from being able to fire the gun. Others joined in and Brown was pummeled and subdued.

Note the people that  'take care' of this thug are WHITE

After police placed him in a squad car, he smashed a car window with his feet.

Relatives of the 19 year old monster told media that “he is a good kid.” 

Trevonnte Brown pleaded not guilty despite the video of his dastardly crimes. Brown has been convicted of theft in the past, but it was removed from his record because he was a juvenile.

Because the THUG is black you won’t find this story outside of local reporting. It doesn’t fit the narrative – Even though the footage is dramatic - ABC Report HERE

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