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Friday, 6 December 2013

Amerika's Trojan Horse

By Jim Kirwan

Amerika has had a Trojan Horse inside the United States since just before the creation of Israel ­ both of which were brought into us by Dirty-Harry-Truman. Our Trojan-Horse arrived shortly after Israel, the CIA and the National-Defense Council were created, and almost no-one paid any attention until it rebranded itself as AGENDA-21.

Of course there were literally hundreds of clues, hints and massive international-crimes, rapes, torture and murders in broad-daylight were being committed by thugs in their little-blue helmets, all over the world. But until Bosnia was able to unmask what the U.N. was really all about; the world just put up with it as just another overreach of the global-imperial-elite.

Then when Bush 41 pre-maturely “recognized” several break-away republics after the death of Tito and Czechoslovakia ­ Clinton continued the Bush 41 crimes: Bringing in NATO to bomb whatever remained back to the Stoneage. The “ruins” were then “managed” by the UN. The world then discovered that sex-trafficking and drugs were being run on a massive scale inside Bosnia. The entire criminal-episode was privatized and protected by the U.N. By that time we should have demanded global-investigations ­ but the only global-organization responsible for these global-crimes was again the same organization that had committed the crimes which needed to be investigated.

By the time of the illegal-pre-emptive strike against Iraq, by Bush 43, the UN had already dropped the global-ball a number of times, and by-then has lost credibility on the global-stage. Also by then the UN censorship of Israeli-crimes in Palestine and elsewhere were always ignored and still the rest of the world did nothing.

So why do we have a global-organization to prevent crimes as well as to censor nations that violate international-laws: If every time Israel breaks every one of those agreements, nothing is ever done to Israel for her lawless international behavior! The War-on-Iraq went forward, based on WMD’s that finally had to be revealed as non-existent in Iraq: Yet again there was no demand from the United Nations to stop the war and withdraw the troops—because there was no reason at all for that war to have been started, much less to keep on fighting, as if no ruling on WMD’s had ever occurred!

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