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Monday, 16 December 2013

A National Socialist Take on the Early United States

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2013

The Founding Fathers never could have imagined what the future held in store.

This will be the first in what will hopefully be a series of articles on the birth and construction of the United States, and how one can still hold some bit of patriotic pride at the same time as being a true American National Socialist. There is much said about the Founding Fathers and their intent with creating a new nation (many Americans are ignorant of all but a bit), and I am here to express the truth that International Jewry and their puppets use this lack of knowledge to sow confusion and discord among those who should be brothers and sisters of common European/Aryan ancestry.

In addition, I hear many that say the territory of the current United States is completely lost to our Cause, and that the task of fixing the damage wrought by the Jews and barbarian hordes is beyond human reach. I reply to this, 

“We can and will rebuild when our time comes! Just as the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, was faced with a monumental task once the Struggle for Power was complete within Germany, so will we rise from the ashes of a broken and burnt nation as the new Fascist[?] Phoenix to bring light and hope to our People!”
This can and WILL be brought to fruition within the United States once we have triumphed.

Common Ideals of Early America and National Socialist Principles

At the time of the War of Independence against Great Britain, and eventual drafting of the United States Constitution, a certain outlook on the world and on life had developed in the former colonies that stressed the power of the human Will, the value of individual Merit over archaic and static class structure, and a feeling of unrivaled Pride at being a citizen of the new Republic. As many will argue, and basically in truth, the United States tended to consist of those who were more independent-minded than their Aryan relations still within Europe.

However, this did not produce a state of anarchy and pathetic “expressions of human creativity” (to use a piece of useless Jew-devised dialectic) within the newborn country. This was merely the byproduct of lives spent in the open frontier, where self-sufficiency and the “eternal laws of nature” held sway over all else. A person’s will to survive, conquer, and thrive was the only protection between life and death by starvation, disease, exposure or slaughter by native savages. The new Constitution that was produced did its utmost to incorporate these values as well as the need for a strong central government, and proper leaders to govern, into a coherent structure. Citizens of this nation were thus given the chance to raise themselves to a new level of achievement, while at the same time providing for the strength of their community and nation as a whole.

Many of the principles within the Constitution’s Bill of Rights (first ten amendments), were intended to safeguard certain rights that were felt to be integral parts of what it meant to be a citizen of this nation. I shall stress the first of these within this article, which was meant to assure “freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the separation of church and state along with freedom of religious thought and expression.”

At the time of the above mentioned document’s creation, freedom of speech and of the press was only imagined as allowing simple criticism of certain governmental policies (both domestic and foreign), the possibility of criticizing individual political leaders, as well as the ability to create new and/or enhance the culture of the Republic without fear of arbitrary arrest or execution. However, certain safeguards existed and were honored within this framework.

The laws against treason contained in the Constitution, as well as later legislation against sedition by citizens and residents, as well as obscenity legislation, could have been and were used on those who took the freedom to speak freely to a level thought unacceptable for the welfare of the people and state as a whole (just as in the Third Reich).

In addition, representatives of the government from the president on down to the lowliest legislator were originally intended to only be men of indisputable character and integrity who could manage the nation’s affairs to near perfection (an early prototype of the Fuhrer/Leader principle). The Founders never imagined that the Jews and their lackeys could and would use these freedoms to infiltrate and subvert the country and its culture to a diabolical mockery of what it once had been. They also never imagined that the leaders of this new land would degenerate into mere shells of what had been envisioned. The press now openly lies, slanders, and heralds our collapse into a society overrun by barbarian hordes and “untermenschen” bent on rape, pillage, and free handouts. All in the twisted name of freedom provided by the first amendment.

Something tells me this was not contemplated during the Convention of 1787.

The second half of the first amendment to the United States Constitution provides for a freedom of religious expression, as well as a guarantee that the government will not establish an official state church. The primary purpose of this was to avoid a repeat in the then virgin continent of the religious drama that had plagued Europe for centuries. There would be no corrupt reincarnation of the Borgia-era Papal States, and no repeat of the Thirty Years War on American soil.

However, even though one was free to seek spirituality in a personal form free from persecution, readers must also remember the self-evident fact that the United States during this time was very much homogeneous in terms of cultural values and mores. Aside from the Negro slaves and freedmen (who were either not citizens, or fully restrained if they were), American society was primarily of white, Anglo-Saxon/Aryan ancestry. One lived by morals and convictions that were even then ancient, often with roots that reached well before the emergence of the Christian religion, and seem to be ingrained within the very fiber of the Aryan “racial soul” (for lack of a better term).

Among these virtues were respect for one’s elders and the need to learn their hard-won wisdom, the holding as sacred children’s innocence, the value of a hard day’s work, the recognition that every individual had inherent strengths and weaknesses, and adherence to the “golden rule” of treating others the way one would want to be treated. Thus, whether one was a Catholic, a Protestant, a Deist, or even an agnostic or atheist, the same truths pervaded daily life and were passed on to posterity.

As time passed, the Jews entered in and turned the freedom advocated in the first amendment into a mandate for degeneracy. Abominations of the Aryan spirit are now condoned – even praised – that would have driven the early Americans into a state of apoplectic shock and rage. Behaviors that seem to be the very antithesis of the society of our forebears are now commonplace, but are protected and encouraged by the phrase “freedom of religious expression.”

My fellow Americans, how far have we fallen?

Is this religious belief? This kind of filth will be treated as sedition against 
the “folk” once we have won our “Struggle for Power” in the United States.

A Few Closing Words

I shall end this article with the assurance that “all is not lost.” There is some talk about certain quotes ascribed to men such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Andrew Jackson (the first and last of these were born dirt poor and rose to brilliant heights on the power of their will and intelligence alone) that express virulent Antisemitic beliefs. What I can glean from these is that they may not be genuine. It truly seems that the Founding Fathers of the United States were either not aware of the Jew menace, or felt that it would never have any influence over their new nation. Extraordinarily intelligent and insightful as they were, I feel as if they would have made sure all Jews were sent out of the Republic, and none allowed to return in perpetuity, if they saw them for what they were and still are.

Do not lose heart though my comrades in the struggle! Together we can turn this nightmare into a new National Socialist nation that can and will be a beacon of light in the darkness for our fellow Aryans around the planet. I am ready and willing to do whatever my part may be to bring about the changes so desperately needed.

Divine Providence is truly on our side my brothers and sisters! One must remember, however, that this is a real-world fight for our very existence. If we fail in our mission, then it may very well mean our extinction as a race and people.

The Jews and their puppet slaves seek to break us in any way possible. They spread lies about our past to disorient us, and thus seek to keep us disunited as a Movement. Their slander of our founding leaders extends to all levels. The Fuhrer’s task to liberate his “volk” was truly monumental and nigh impossible from an outsider’s viewpoint. We must use that as a motivator and inspiration for our future deeds.

I shall close this with the closing words of the Horst Wessel Lied, “Slavery is to last but a short time longer!”


May these Waffen SS giants among men serve as inspiration to us in these dark days!

America has stood against the hordes before, and she shall do so again!

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