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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

15,000 immigrants sneak into Britain through Calais every year

Crossing: Asylum seekers and migrants from around the world camp 
next to the Calais container port

Up to 15,000 immigrants are sneaking into Britain a year through Calais, the French town’s deputy mayor has claimed.

Philippe Mignonet, who is also the port’s immigration chief, went public with the estimate because he said Calais was becoming a ‘magnet for illegal immigrants', with hundreds of foreigners sleeping rough there before stowing away aboard lorries and ferries.
‘According to our estimations, depending on the night, between 10, 20, even 40 are getting through,’ he said.
The official's criticism of Britain came just days after French Interior Minister Manuel Valls called on the UK to change its immigration policy because of the pressure that Calais was under.
Mr Mignonet said: 
‘The ease with which illegal immigrants can work on the black market in Britain, coupled with the fact that migrants’ family members can more easily join them, means that Britain is a magnet for illegal immigrants.’
It is far harder for newcomers to claim benefits or get jobs in France, where the socialist government regularly deports migrants, and destroys their illegal encampments.

The UK Border Force shares responsibility with the French for patrolling Calais, but Mr Mignonet says the main controls should be transferred to the south coast of England to deal with what is principally ‘a British problem’.

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  1. I also heard that illegal immigrants were getting into Ireland and taking the ferry from Belfast to mainland Britain (Liverpool) as there is no border control in Liverpool from Belfast.
    Are you telling me that the British authorities are not aware of all this? Of course they are they are COMPLICIT!