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Friday, 1 November 2013

Training the Goyim

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2013

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen from Fox News gave a crash course on how the Goyim masses should think in a recent article titled “Jesus-denial, Bible Denial and Other Dangerous ‘Denialisms’ of Global Anti-Semitism.” Call it Jewish Propaganda 101 if you will.

The article starts with these statements about the racist, evil, irrational practice of Holocaust denial:
Holocaust denial is widely known and widely understood to be a form of anti-Semitism and a tool to delegitimize Israel.
Anti-Semites do not want Jews to be recognized as victims because sympathy for Jews impedes spreading hatred of them.
Anti-Semites also see the Holocaust as legitimizing the notion that Jews, like other peoples, need their own country with the political and military means to defend themselves.
All right thinking people condemn Holocaust denial, which is not just a fringe belief but is extremely widespread especially in the Middle East, no less than they would condemn a movement that denied that American slavery existed – should anything so nutty ever come to be.
He goes on to explain that there are many other “denialisms” besides Holocaust denial that hateful anti-Semites engage in so they can be mean to Jews. Here are a few good ones:
Israel denial. This denies that the country as a morally or internationally legitimate country exists (it is a “Zionist entity”), or that it is like other countries, protecting its people’s security and interests. Instead, it is deemed to be fundamentally of a different species, a “Nazi state.”
History denial. This denies that the Jews have had a historical home in the land of present-day Israel, including a country during antiquity.
Jesus denial. This denies that Jesus was a Jew, maintaining instead that he was a Palestinian. Yasser Arafat, subsequent Palestinian leaders, and Palestinian and other Arab and Islamic media have steadily denied that Jesus was a Jew, regularly proclaiming that Jesus was a Palestinian, to inaugurate Christmas in Bethlehem.
Right-to-life denial. This is an explicit and implicit discourse that Jews do not have the right to be alive, that they are, in their essence, evil and irredeemable, that they do not have the right to live and, indeed, must be destroyed.
And my personal favorite:
Anti-Semitism denial. This is a widespread discourse, especially in Europe and North America, whereby anti-Semites deny that anti-Semitism (except perhaps as a minor or fringe prejudice) exists at all.
It has many streams within it. Some deny that anti-Semitic discourse is anti-Semitic—after all, it can’t be the prejudice of anti-Semitism, because it is true.
Others maintain that anti-Semitic assaults, namely assaults on people who are Jews merely because they are Jews, are not anti-Semitic, but random acts of violence, or justified acts of violence.
Others maintain that the blatant anti-Semitism that is an overt part of the discursive and material assault on Israel, or that so manifestly undergirds the assault, has nothing to do with anti-Semitism at all and instead is but a cool and rational response to Israel’s and its people’s alleged predations.
If you deny any of these things then you are probably a Nazi, and you probably want to kill six million Jews. You must accept everything that the Jews tell you as fact, because they are God’s Chosen People. GOT IT?

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  1. Me, me, me... Juden heart rending at it's most blatant and arragant. I feel sorry for them in one way, as they are omce again, aboutto make serious mistakes in oppressing others. Vring it on, so we can start living again, free from this Devil's spawn once and for all.