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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Do you see any Niggers, Jews or Paki's here?


The problem is that they signed up to the Jewish System.

If only they could turn their bravado to our cause? See no Nigs, no Jews. You know why because they do not possess the White European sense of bravado. The Aryan spirit that is only intrinsically built in the white race, no other race possesses it. No one is braver or has ever  been so successful as our race. Why the fuck should we throw this away to compl;y with the Jew agenda to destroy our race,

We were warriors, we still are underneath. We are now fighting for the very survival of our Race not risking our lives racing motor bikes. We need this spirit for our cause. It is still there.

Hail Victory


John Hardon


  1. Do you see any Niggers, Jews or Paki's here? No. but the song behind the TT video is sung by a black women. It's called Would You...? by Touch and Go. How do you feel about that you fuckin` idiot?

    1. Well they could have picked a better song than some she-boon I guess. But hey guess what I only heard the bitch at the end. Now who's the 'fucking idiot'?

    2. Anyway you miss the whole point of the post you fucking idiot: 'Do you see any Niggers, Jews or Paki's here?'

  2. No, I did not see any "Niggers, Jews or Paki's" they were all wearing leathers and helmets. I wouldn't have a clue what colour or religion they were. Perhaps you have some physic power that can see something I can't? I just saw people riding bikes.


  4. You hardly see any non-whites on motorised sports, which is awesome. You see some white faces with helmets and the spectators is all white. It's pretty obvious there ain't any or hardly any "darkie" there! and it's the Isle of Man, not London.

    I agree with you John to a certain point, that there's a lot of adrenalin junkies out there risking their lives stupidly on all kinds of stunt numbers in order to get their little fix, when they could be employing their energy and courage on something more constructive.
    Anyhow, i understand the adrenalin rush, nothing against it, as long as it doesn't get mindless. it's the search for overcoming your own limits and getting further that makes olympic champions! there's a balance. It's always better than wasting one's health on drugs and TV-thumping!