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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fireworks for what

As I sit here tonight all I can hear is Fireworks going off to commemorate some bloke called Guy Fawkes who, we are told tried to blow up the House of Parliament. How fucking pathetic, do these people realise they are celebrating the fact that he failed?

They set a Bomb fire and stick an effigy of Guy Fawkes on top and set it alight, don't the stupid fuckers know that by doing that they are rejoicing in their own slavery to the Kike?

Yeah, lets celebrate our enslavement, we'll go out and spend loads of money to watch it go up in smoke. It's a fucking joke but the laugh is on us.

My Cat is scared to go out because of these idiots letting off fireworks WTF I'd like to go and tell the wankers that they are being foolish but do you think they'd listen? Self-hate of their own race and total obedience to the ruling class that's what this is really all about. Bet the 'chosen ones' are sitting there laughing at us:
Oh vey, those Goy are out there celebrating their own demise, oh vey already
And their Muslim foot soldiers are thinking just the same, colonisation is easy when you got such a fucked up load of faggots running around spending money to celebrate the fact that they are nothing but urchins to be enslaved.

Our people really do need a kick up the arse, it's getting to the point where I am ashamed of my own race. If we fail then they deserve all they get and it ain't going to be nice, they won't know what the fuck has hit them but of course it will be too late by then.

John Hardon

Mike Hailwood R.I.P.

Memories are made of this:

Throwing a fast bike into a corner is better than sex folks!

Documentary about the TT

In case you didn't know I was a biker, best bike I ever owned was a BSA Gold Star. The TT is not for people with weak hearts, it is for men and when I say men I mean real ARYAN men:

REPOST: Hardon Radio Podcast (edited)

Edited version, the live show was a disaster thanks to 'Blog Talk Radio' and Skype (both Jewish owned). 14/88


The future of 'Hardon Radio' please refer to the comments below for an update. J.H.

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Do you see any Niggers, Jews or Paki's here?


The problem is that they signed up to the Jewish System.

If only they could turn their bravado to our cause? See no Nigs, no Jews. You know why because they do not possess the White European sense of bravado. The Aryan spirit that is only intrinsically built in the white race, no other race possesses it. No one is braver or has ever  been so successful as our race. Why the fuck should we throw this away to compl;y with the Jew agenda to destroy our race,

We were warriors, we still are underneath. We are now fighting for the very survival of our Race not risking our lives racing motor bikes. We need this spirit for our cause. It is still there.

Hail Victory


John Hardon

Friday, 1 November 2013

ReConstructions Live with Mike Sledge November 01 2013

A Jewish Victory over Europeans

The opening sequence to Star Trek Enterprise features a dramatic and touching journey through the history of travel accompanied by the vocals of Russell Watson- presenting noble and idealistic desire. It is none to remarkable that the courageous leaps forward even down to the fictitious flight of the first warp ship-The Phoenix-were all achieved by white people. The depiction here is just an oversight on the part of Star Trek’s artistic director, had he focused the Marxist narrative would dictate that he insert a coloured face. Hollywood and the BBC regularly do this desperately believing that Europeans will be convinced that the black faces in historical photographs really are Negroid and not just coal dust. Odd then that colonisation of Britain did not take place until the dissolution of the Empire post WWII, when the so called British Government ‘invited’ the coloured invasion to Britain without the consent of the Nation. Misinformation and European historical inaccuracy constitutes a major part of the Jewish Zionist agenda on the way to White genocide.

The first to incite genocide Karl Marx spearheaded the destruction of the White race when he wrote the Communist Manifesto. Proposing an unnatural ‘utopian equality’, clarification of the perversity of this statement can be found with the sexes. If nature wanted that the sexes be ‘equal’ or the same why not create androgyny. The reality is nature intended that male and female be distinct and different to complement each other. Consequently the only way to achieve this mythic ‘equality’ is to forcibly eradicate difference-sexual, racial and cultural. Monty Pythons expresses exactly what this Jewish Marxist ideology is doing to White man in the sketch People are not wearing enough hats  from the Meaning of Life-distracting the European from his natural instinct to spiritual idealism and inspiration. In this light the coloured races serve as a tool of Jewish manipulation and exist only as long as they are useful to the ‘chosen’.

The importation of Third World coloureds into Europe and other White nations serves the Jewish purpose on a number of levels. The initial transfer was meant to instigate a culture/racial clash whether real or imagined since it is promoted and fuelled by the Jewish led media. This gave the Jewish occupied governments of White nations the ‘excuse’ to introduce the cultural Marxist ‘politically correct’ system that currently gags the White race against the coloured interloper.

Thus white man is facing an imported criminal element that is essentially provided free reign to rape and murder, doing the Jewish Zionists job for them. In the meantime this coloured population has exploded via the foreign womb demographically displacing the indigenous population of Europe. White annihilation is further encouraged with regular Jewish Marxist propaganda promoting miscegenation (race mixing), abortion and the use of contraception among apathetic whites. To aid this agenda Jewish Marxism slyly redefines Nation as land or country rather than people so that their imported multitudes are civilly placed and racial identity is abolished. They then introduced the term ‘ethnicity’ that lacks the historical and cultural strength of the true meaning of Nation i.e. racial heritage.

On the surface this is conducive to the notion of ‘equality’-the stripping away of all that makes people different. In reality it is an enforcedreduction to the lowest common denominator and falls down when one considers that only White lands are expected to accept multiculture, the governments of Black Africa are not busily importing Mexicans nor is Asia importing Black Africans. Clearly this is a Jewish scheme to annihilate the White race and is so dangerous because its technique is to divide white unity and conquer.

A particularly useful example of this is one of the Jewish Marxist auxiliary movements-Feminism. Like its primary ideology Jewish Marxism Feminism professes to seek ‘equality’, in this case specifically for women. It rests on the false premise that the natural roles women assume in healthy civilisations are unjust. Thus under the cry of male domination (patriarchy) Feminists drive a wedge between man and woman. The outcome is abolition of the traditional European family resulting in a negative white birth-rate. The real horror of movements like Feminism is that they present a veneer of morality and social responsibility that deflects from its true mission which, like that of its Marxist root, is the destruction of the White race.

The crux of Jewish Marxist ideology is manipulation and their methods are hidden behind illusion. 7 decades of distorted history and constant deployment of black propaganda through their controlled media, ‘Historical Revisionism’ is a glaring example of the Jewish Marxist labelling his enemy and him naively taking ownership of the phrase. Historical Revision is a misnomer for one is NOT coyly ‘revising’ a history of the Jew but critically reclaiming THE History of European White Man and restoring it from the perverse corruption of the Jewish interloper. Currently if the Jewish tribe does not like what they see they conduct ‘constructive alterations’, better known as lies, similar to Winston Smith’s work at the Ministry of Truth. The Jewish Marxist warped vision not only perverts European history but penetrates the very essence of language, again reminiscent of 1984 and the introduction of newspeak. A somewhat mild introduction to Jewish Marxist word manipulation is the regime’s ‘liberal’ use of disease. Technically a disease is that which attacks the body, a force that the recipient has no control over. However, a compulsion is a matter of a lack of will power on the part of the individual-alcoholism is the lack of will power to stop drinking; morbid obesity is the lack of will power to stop over eating; smoking can be stopped if one uses will power. These people are not ‘victims’ of diseases for they have none but themselves to blame for the situation they are in. Yet in labelling them victims the Marxist regime offer them a means to absolve themselves of all responsibility for their actions and expect a magic wand solution to their ‘affliction’.

‘Victim’ mentality is encouraged because it is a divisive strategy. It can be seen through social and charitable organisations that the Marxist regime support-women (Feminism), disability, Homosexual/Lesbianism. These groups are meant to separate, segregate, label and foster disunity. Yet it goes much further than this. The political manipulation of perverted sexual behaviour such as sodomy grew primarily out of Jewish decadence since the concept of two people of the same sex being exclusively attracted to each other as a “sexual identity” never existed prior to the 19th century. In fact it was the Jew Freud’s sexually depraved ideas that inspired the use of the term homosexuality as late as 1869. Again sodomy can be highlighted as a Jewish perversion only introduced to Europeans as a means of self-annihilation. A race does not reproduce through buggery. Even more terrifying is the word constructed for child rape and murder. From the Greek Paedos meaning infant and the Greek Philos meaning ‘to love’, Paedophilia really means to love the child. Given that the Jewish Marxist ideologists have suggested that paedophiles are ‘victims’ of their ‘condition’ maybe they also believe that rape and murder is a rather sadistic form of ‘love’. This is the perverted nature of the Jewish mind that now permeates White European society. If one takes a look at the root of the word ‘revolting’ i.e. ‘to revolt’ one will see that the Jewish tribe has always been revolting against White European common moral decency. Consequently one must be constantly vigilant and question information presented or fall prey to Jewish perversion and its Marxist vocabulary.

A constant reminder of this is the representation of the Holodomor genocides as an accidental feature of ‘Soviet collectivisation’. In reality the Soviet Union was a construct of Jewish Bolshevism that enslaved Europe post 1917. The Jewish Bolshevik plan was camouflaged with language. Jewish barbarism is recorded with the terminology of their choice due to their victory over history. As such ‘collectivisation’ is the code for mass extermination just as ‘Regeneration’ actually means land banking into private Jewish hands.

The agenda of Jewish Bolshevik Lenin and his Jewish cohort Trotsky was always to butcher Europeans grain procurement was a profitable coincidence. If truth escapes and there is a choice of tyrant the Jewish tribe will always deflect it onto a gentile preferably White European. However, never forget it is always the Jewish Marxist that provides the climate for such crimes to exist. Beginning in the early 1920’s Jewish Bolshevism had been committing the very atrocities against Europeans that the Jewish tribe accused and hung German war heroes for. Consequently the so called Jewish ‘Holocaust’ is rendered irrelevant for every Jewish death past and present is retribution for slaughter executed and current physical and psychological violation perpetrated against White Man through vile politically correct Jewish Marxist propaganda.

A terrifyingly familiar reflection of the Jewish manufactured Soviet Union occurs in the current Jewish fabrication-the European Union. Masked under ‘closer economic ties’, enslaved white nations are asset stripped, borders opened, sodomy and miscegenation encouraged with contraception and white abortion widely available. The consistently promoting of white birth prevention reveals the true agenda of the Jewish constructed European Union-White genocide for how can we survive without progeny. Just how close these structures are is exposed in how each regime defines how it divides the areas under its control; Soviet – An elected local, district, or national council in the former USSR; Committee of the Regions (CoR) – assembly of local and regional representatives (i.e. regions, counties, provinces, municipalities and cities) in the EU. In reality this is the Jewish Marxist divide and conquer technique in action. It splits unified groups into ever smaller opposing political factions and infers that the atrocities that manifest from the Jewish Marxist climate imposed actually arose from localised indigenous areas.

One will find that the Jewish natureparticularly excels at deflecting criminality onto another so the Jewish tribe never has to justify themselves. Ever eager to promote the Big Lie this clip from the Twilight Zone episode Deaths-Head revisited keenly expresses the Jewish aversion of responsibility. As Beck-the Jewish ‘judge’ recites 
“this is not hate this is retribution, this is not revenge this is justice…your final judgment will come from God.” 
The implication is clear the Jewish tribe casts off accountability for suffering as when no earthly decoy is present divine sanction is intoned.

Under Jewish Bolshevik control those that opposed the regime were slaughtered or deported to gulags. The Jewish European Union as yet is slightly more subtle with its politically correct gulag of the mind. Again weighed heavily through their manipulation of language Jewish Marxism perpetrates psychological control.Jewish Democracy ever spouting about ‘tolerance’ but it refers only to the obscene practices it forces Europeans to accept. Europeans who object to these vile perversions are ostracised by the state. The mentality is lifted straight from Jewish Bolshevism and Trotskyite terror tactics. This is why it is so familiar-the Soviet and European Unions manufactured to eradicate European idealism debase to parasitic Jewish levels and eventually eradicate White European man completely.


Video found at:

Sinclair: “How Do We Know That Tomorrow Isn’t The Day?”

While most economists and market analysts jump on the mainstream bandwagon by supporting the deception, one contrarian who has never touted the party line is Jim Sinclair of JS mineset.

He’s been accurately forecasting trends and market movements, especially precious metals, for nearly four decades, so he knows a thing or two about public perception, market confidence, and the reality of economic fundamentals.

In his latest interview with USA Watchdog, Sinclair warns that the bottom could fall out at anytime, and the effects will be nothing short of devastating.

Whether you’re goal is to protect your wealth from the continued destruction of our currency, or if it’s to insulate your family from an event that could threaten our food supplies or the normal flow of commerce, now is the time to prepare for the real possibility of an ‘event’ so serious that it will leave the majority of our populace scrambling once it happens.

And as Jim Sinclair notes, it will happen… maybe even tomorrow.

The Known Unknowns

By Jim Kirwan

Greed Alone Cannot Suffice
Neither Government nor Corporations create anything.
They are nothing but scavengers
Feeding on the once free people of the world!

We now know that there are real changes coming tomorrow. But they are only the tip of the dagger that is aimed straight at the darkened-heart of America.

First instance:

Cuts to government programs that are comparatively small mean that huge cuts are ‘coming-soon’. The proof of this lies in the fact that Social Security has not kept pace with actual ‘Cost-of-Living’ changes that have almost doubled since the two year freeze followed the single year, in which there was one pitiful raise.

Throughout the same time frame, those who are doing the cost-cutting made certain that they always get a real cost-of-living raise so that their worthless and usually-stolen “official-positions” would not suffer in the least; from the programs that the government and the congress continue to “administer”.

Cuts to EBT cards and a number of other government programs meant to help people survive: Are not protected by the same ‘officials’ who have protected themselves and their legislative-crimes from any reduction in compensation. Why is this not punishable by law? That’s simple! There is no law to protect the lives of the people whose futures are now being run by unelected-Outlaws.

That term “Unelected” is used because the entire voting-system is a criminal-farce.

Millions of people still treat officials of the government as if they are prominent people, even when it’s been clearly proven they are nothing by traitors who commit treason each and every week they continue to occupy an office, in this pathetic place.

The 537% increase in DEATHCARE will not be felt by congress because their “health-care” is paid for by you and I and it’s free to them ­ FOR LIFE!

Here’s an original “take” on what the Deathcare plan really is, and how it’s been playing out since it’s totally flawed and still failed opening was announced. (1)

Here’s another question that no one in the media is asking. A reader writes:
“Seems giving Obama more rope will lead to his hanging. His litany of crimes and destructiveness has shocked the world ! It’s quit possible his term could accomplish the destruction of the entire world!
What kind of a Leader allows another country to pour
massive tonnages of Isotopes into the ocean directed right at us? The USA should intervene ASAP and take this whole disaster under control. Oh, it can be done still, but extinction levels have already been released.
That only signaled the need of immediate intervention and a last ditch all out effort to save the planet with all experts & help on deck!
Nero only watched Rome Burn, Obama sits and watches the Pacific Ocean & North America Burn!”
Now this moves on into the next stage
Of our Destruction & Death
Because we are too timid to even object!
Hungary did more than
They took action and kicked out the IMF
Because they did what’s in the illustration at the top!

To be clear about Hungary, the numbers are not yet reflecting positive changes. But given what’s beginning to deepen for those other nations in the EU ­ with time, the real effect of having kicked out the IMF will not just be born out: That act will no doubt be leading a new trend among the already savaged-nations who have been targeted for global-takeover by the IMF and the World Bank. This is but another aspect of the vultures who are demanding unconditional-surrender from all the countries on this planet, including the now captive USA. (3)

Aside from the events that will be coming to a head tomorrow—there is also the real shadow of the Shadow-Government which is growing more ominous each and every hour. That’s producing a growing kind of terror inside the United States because of the nearly-total lack of certainty which the false-flag exercise now scheduled for the 12th or 13th of November upon the entire electrical grid - is creating.

First: No nation on the earth, much less any “terrorist-group” could ever mount an attack upon the entire electrical-grid of the United States. The only way that the entire electrical-grid could ever be attacked or destroyed would be if the U.S. government in tandem with Israel colluded to do this, as it has promised to do to us all, sometime in mid-November.

Do not count on any of their specific time-frames. This is coming from the same creatures that will be doing the real event, as well as their false-flag “exercise”. From now until this is acted upon ­ It is the sole job of everyone in America to stop this treason and halt any and all preparations for any more “EXERCISES” whether military or civilian inside the U.S.A.

This government is running a rogue government that must be openly challenged by all of us who don’t buy their words or any more of their continuing lies. The only force that has consistently attacked this country and tries repeatedly to murder the population - is this government and their foreign forces which have targeted the total destruction of the United States as their only goal.

This is the reality ladies and gentlemen. This is not a game. There is no-such-thing as a “practice-exercise”. This will be identical to the 5 practice-exercise ‘war-games’ that were carried out on 911 ­ simultaneously with the real attacks. These collectively-deceptive war-games and the real attack were all overseen by the still unindicted war-criminal - Deceptive Dick Cheney.

This is one of our major real-world war-criminals. All he deserves from this nation is a public trial and a very public execution. All that remains to be done is to end this man’s life after a trial involving RICO charges for treason “in a time of war”

The times we’re living in now remind me of my earlier life on a much greater scale than anything I ever-experienced. In the panel above the AG is standing, second from the right. This was in1978, thirty-five years ago. I spent years fighting the IRS, FBI and the government at all levels for 23 years. It was a different time then. Had that happened today I would have been disappeared.

During the over thirty-years I spent as an advisor, illustrator and a private-activist I got to know a great deal about politics in this hell-hole, on every level. Politics has never been what it claims to be. I’ve negotiated and fought in many conflicts and lost many battles—but won a few as well.

What I learned during that time, despite ‘acceptance’ by a wide spectrum of the same creatures I now fight against - turned out to be a relatively simple set of facts.

Despite a self-created pedigree and a low-profile there are some things about official-threats that just don’t change. In reality I have a lot more in common with Junk-yard-dogs than I do with most of the others that ended-up opposing this government and the global-new-world-order. Despite the threats amid whatever-terror so many seek to create - Junk-Yard Dogs don’t bark: They just watch and wait, until they find the intruders and proceed to rip their throats out, as expeditiously as possible.

That’s where a lot of us are right now ­ and it’s important that the watchers not over-react. But it is equally important that we now begin what should have been done long, long ago—which is to end this reign of terror that we’ve allowed to take us over without a whimper…

Come November all previous considerations which the public has observed till now - have been officially canceled by this formal threat of total-obliteration; as was issued against all Americans just yesterday!

1) Jon Stewart New World Order Bombshell ­ Rips The Know Nothing President - 8min 6sec VIDEO

2) Hungry Celebrates Freedom ­ 5min 15sec VIDEO

3) Hungry Pays Off Loans and Kicks Out IMF

Is Racism the New Porno?

Dimitri Oblomov
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2013

Come and take it.

If you are a regular consumer of the Western media, you constantly assaulted with stories about Nazis, Hitler and the impending threat of ‘fascism.’ If you get all your information from mainstream media, you don’t get the impression that World War II and the Third Reich ended almost 70 years ago, or that nationalism today is about as socially accepted as pedophilia. On the contrary, one gets the impression that Nazis are lurking behind every corner. The chief Nazi, Adolf Hitler, has a fascinating tendency to show up in everything from AIDS awareness campaigns to Zimbabwian politics. The fact that anti-white racism is responsible for exponentially more violence than “Nazism” would be unbelievable to the average media consumer.

By continually bringing up the National Socialists, who were in fact the epitome of nationalist ideology, the media thus demonizes any modern movement toward nationalist thinking, and even attacks the very concept of White masculinity.

Take a quick search for “Nazism” on Google News today as an example:

The Telegraph tells us that Manchester United apologizes for putting a “swastika-style” logo on the cover of a weekly bulletin.

The Daily Express tells us about anger over two British soldiers that were pictured doing Nazi salutes.

The Hamilton Spectator tells us about “Nazism’s brutal and murderous feminine side”.

It’s starting to look like a fixation without any basis in reality.

This is clearly part of a strategy designed to spread a feeling of guilt among White people. We are constantly reminded of “Nazis” and how horrible they are. A central aspect of this strategy is to draw a caricature of the phenomenon in question, that will cause normal people to feel only shame and embarrassment – all nationalists are portrayed as cartoonish villains. There is also a clear implication that because only White males can become Nazis, there is some type of flaw in this demographic.

If I was interested in playing the establishment’s game, I could say that I, as a proud Caucasian White, have good reason to feel “defamed” by this constant talk about villainous Nazis and the implications it carries about White males. “We are sick of Muslims and other minorities constantly being portrayed as terrorists and criminals by the media,” the so-called anti-racists are often heard exclaiming; but the supplementary question that we Whites are never allowed to ask is “well, how do you think I, as a Caucasian White, feel about this constant talk about Nazism? How funny do you think it is for me to read for the 200th time these thinly veiled implications about the racist White male?”

If it’s White, we can guarantee you it is.

The New Porno

If we look at this from another angle, we may make a very interesting observation: there are in fact big similarities between the media’s writings and “revelations” about sex on the one hand and “Nazism” on the other – so big that one almost suspects some kind of psychological connection.

As the media declines in both quality and self-respect, they are more and more frequently resorting to stories about sex and sex scandals, and invading people’s private lives. This is because, even after all of the supposed ‘liberation,’ sex is still a somewhat taboo topic of discussion in our society, and thus sells a lot of papers. The average reader is hardly aware of it when he/she buys a paper with the headline “Where are your panties, Britney?” but the Daily Star has turned him/her into a pathetic voyeur.

Voyeurs have in common that they are satisfied by watching other people doing “forbidden” things, preferably things they would like to do themselves, but don’t dare to (and often don’t even admit to themselves that they would like to do). The only thing that’s new here is that historically, voyeurs were forced to take certain risks themselves in order to catch a glimpse of other people’s private lives; today, they can pay reporters to do it for them. Historically, the number of voyeurs was also probably pretty small, but the modern society has turned the life of the common man into something very sad and limited (“alienation is at maximum,” as the Marxists would say), while morality and self-control is in steep decline.

The media fixation with the Nazis as the epitome of proud White men is quite similar to this. There is a pathetic interest in people who are living lives one doesn’t dare to live, who are acting on instincts that one barely wants to admit to sharing with them. In reality, there are probably more people than we think in Europe and the West who are sick and tired of mass immigration, “diversity” and ethno-masochism, who deep down only feel distaste when they are forced to read yet another article on “discrimination” or how “White culture doesn’t exist.” If this analysis is correct, it means that the media may actually have a point with their recurring articles about evil Nazis. In all likelihood, there are millions of Westerners sitting around fantasizing, more or less unconsciously, about releasing their inner Nazi.

“Nazism” has in this way become the new pornography for the media, something forbidden but yet oh-so-exciting for the bored masses with uninteresting little lives, who think exactly what the media tells them to think, and do exactly what the powers that be want them to do. If we look from this angle at the media obsession with nationalism, and the way the people eat up these stories, the obsession with the demonization of White men takes on a much better light. Even if they don’t know it yet, our people are waking up, our people are angry, and the anger just keeps growing as the multicultural experiment continues.

We can’t know what the future will bring, but it’s very possible that the establishment will regret not giving nationalism a fair chance to develop a strong and honorable mass movement beforethe discontent exploded on a massive scale.

In Your Face Tyranny; It Will Escalate #n3

Whites of S.Africa prepare for evacuation as genocide looms

More than 800 000 white South Africans are getting ready for their evacuation plan over possible genocide in case Nelson Mandela passes away.

These fears base on policy of apartheid, system of racial segregation from 1948 till 1994, under which the rights of the majority black inhabitants of South Africa were curtailed and white Afrikaner minority rule was maintained. The government segregated education, medical care, beaches, and other public services, and provided black people with services inferior to those of white people.

As Mandela is on the brink of death, Afrikaners prapare for the worst case scenario. Last year, South African President Jacob Zuma antagonized Afrikaners when he sang a song referencing revenge against whites in a public sing-along. 

“You are a Boer (white man), we are going to hit them….” Zuma sang.
Genocide Watch, an organization that analyzes conditions around the world that could result in mass murder, puts Afrikaners’ risk of slaughter at level six or “preparation” stages, one level away from killings.

“The death of Nelson Mandela is a risk scenario,” head of emergency planning Coenie Maree told RT. “He is a political icon and his passing could see violence flaring up again.”

The leader said in an interview that they have been working on an evacution plan for eight years. Maree and his team found more than a hundred safe areas across the country for white people. When the alert is given, people across the country will be notified by SMS, and they will go to a pre-arranged meeting point from where they will travel by convoy to the safe areas.

Training the Goyim

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2013

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen from Fox News gave a crash course on how the Goyim masses should think in a recent article titled “Jesus-denial, Bible Denial and Other Dangerous ‘Denialisms’ of Global Anti-Semitism.” Call it Jewish Propaganda 101 if you will.

The article starts with these statements about the racist, evil, irrational practice of Holocaust denial:
Holocaust denial is widely known and widely understood to be a form of anti-Semitism and a tool to delegitimize Israel.
Anti-Semites do not want Jews to be recognized as victims because sympathy for Jews impedes spreading hatred of them.
Anti-Semites also see the Holocaust as legitimizing the notion that Jews, like other peoples, need their own country with the political and military means to defend themselves.
All right thinking people condemn Holocaust denial, which is not just a fringe belief but is extremely widespread especially in the Middle East, no less than they would condemn a movement that denied that American slavery existed – should anything so nutty ever come to be.
He goes on to explain that there are many other “denialisms” besides Holocaust denial that hateful anti-Semites engage in so they can be mean to Jews. Here are a few good ones:
Israel denial. This denies that the country as a morally or internationally legitimate country exists (it is a “Zionist entity”), or that it is like other countries, protecting its people’s security and interests. Instead, it is deemed to be fundamentally of a different species, a “Nazi state.”
History denial. This denies that the Jews have had a historical home in the land of present-day Israel, including a country during antiquity.
Jesus denial. This denies that Jesus was a Jew, maintaining instead that he was a Palestinian. Yasser Arafat, subsequent Palestinian leaders, and Palestinian and other Arab and Islamic media have steadily denied that Jesus was a Jew, regularly proclaiming that Jesus was a Palestinian, to inaugurate Christmas in Bethlehem.
Right-to-life denial. This is an explicit and implicit discourse that Jews do not have the right to be alive, that they are, in their essence, evil and irredeemable, that they do not have the right to live and, indeed, must be destroyed.
And my personal favorite:
Anti-Semitism denial. This is a widespread discourse, especially in Europe and North America, whereby anti-Semites deny that anti-Semitism (except perhaps as a minor or fringe prejudice) exists at all.
It has many streams within it. Some deny that anti-Semitic discourse is anti-Semitic—after all, it can’t be the prejudice of anti-Semitism, because it is true.
Others maintain that anti-Semitic assaults, namely assaults on people who are Jews merely because they are Jews, are not anti-Semitic, but random acts of violence, or justified acts of violence.
Others maintain that the blatant anti-Semitism that is an overt part of the discursive and material assault on Israel, or that so manifestly undergirds the assault, has nothing to do with anti-Semitism at all and instead is but a cool and rational response to Israel’s and its people’s alleged predations.
If you deny any of these things then you are probably a Nazi, and you probably want to kill six million Jews. You must accept everything that the Jews tell you as fact, because they are God’s Chosen People. GOT IT?

Two Years Since the End of the US-NATO War in Libya

Today, October 31, 2013, marks two years since the official end of the US-NATO war for regime change in Libya. It is highly unlikely that this second anniversary will be marked with any fanfare in Washington, the capitals of Western Europe or Libya itself.

The nearly eight-month-long war achieved its goal of toppling the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, whose murder by a mob of NATO-backed “rebels” prompted President Barack Obama to proclaim from the White House Rose Garden that this grisly event signaled the advent of “a new and democratic Libya.”

Two years later, there is no sign of any such Libya. The country bombarded by the US military and its European allies is in an advanced state of disintegration. It was reported Monday that oil production, which is responsible for virtually all of the country’s export earnings and over half of its gross domestic product, has fallen to 90,000 barrels per day, less than a tenth of the pre-war level.

Major installations have been seized by armed militias. In eastern Libya, these militias advocate the country’s partition into the three regional governorates—Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan—maintained under the colonial regime of fascist Italy.

According to best estimates, there are nearly one-quarter of a million militiamen who are armed and paid by the Libyan government but operate with complete impunity under the direction of Islamist and regional warlords. The warlords constitute the principal power in the country.

Clashes between these militias, attacks on the government, and assassinations of its officials are routine. Earlier this month, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was himself abducted by an Islamist militia that acted in protest over the October 5 abduction of alleged Al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al-Liby by US Special Operations troops.

Thousands of Libyans as well as sub-Saharan African migrant workers are being held incommunicado in makeshift prisons controlled by the militias, subjected to torture and killings.

Conditions for the masses of the oil-rich nation remain abysmal, with a real unemployment rate estimated at over 30 percent. One million people, many of them supporters of the former regime, remain internally displaced.

The continuation of this chaos two years after the end of the war reflects the character of the war itself.

The US and its principal NATO allies, Britain and France, launched the war on the pretense that it was a humanitarian intervention, designed only to protect innocent lives. Based on unsubstantiated claims that a government massacre of a rebellious population in the eastern city of Benghazi was imminent without immediate intervention, the NATO powers pushed Resolution 1973 through the United Nations Security Council, authorizing them to impose a no-fly zone and “take all necessary measures” to protect civilians.

This served as the pseudo-legal fig leaf for an imperialist war of aggression that killed an estimated 50,000 Libyan civilians and wounded at least that number. This war was patently not about saving lives. Rather, it was a war of neocolonial plunder, its principal objective being to topple the Gaddafi regime and impose a more pliant puppet in its place.

Washington and its allies instigated the war in large measure as a strategic response to the outbreak of mass uprisings by the working class against Western-backed regimes in Tunisia, on Libya’s western border, and Egypt, on its eastern border. The aim was to halt the spread of revolution and reassert US and Western European hegemony in the region, while supplanting the economic and political influence of China and Russia and seizing a more direct hold on Libya’s energy reserves.

Of great significance is the fact that the attempt of the imperialist powers to mask the war’s neocolonial character was assisted by a whole layer of pseudo-left forces in both Europe and the US.

These elements, including groups such as the New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA) in France, the Socialist Workers Party in Britain and the International Socialist Organization in the US, cast the imperialist war against Libya as not merely a “humanitarian” intervention, but a “revolution” by the Libyans themselves.

These elements remain silent on the present-day state of Libya, and for good reason. The country’s disintegration into fiefdoms of rival militia warlords, the paralysis of its economy, and the poverty of its people are all proof that what they supported in Libya in 2011 was not a “revolution,” but an imperialist rape.

The regime that was placed in power enjoys no authority, precisely because it owes its office not to a popular revolutionary uprising, but to a sustained US-NATO bombing campaign, supplemented by the operations of Islamist militia forces, many of them connected to Al Qaeda, which served under the direction of US, British, French and Qatari special forces operatives as NATO’s ground troops.

Two years after the war in Libya, this same pseudo-left layer has continued to promote the imperialist intervention for regime-change in Syria—once again celebrating the machinations of the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, together with the sectarian atrocities committed by Al Qaeda-led militias, as a “revolution.”

These groups use these wars to cement even closer connections to their own governments and ruling elites. Their politics—indistinguishable in all essentials from those of the CIA and the Obama administration—reflect the interests of a privileged upper-middle class layer that has become a new constituency for imperialism.

While the US-NATO war succeeded in toppling and murdering Gaddafi and reducing much of Libya to rubble, the imperialist aims of plundering the country’s oil wealth and turning it into a platform for US hegemony in the region are far from realized.

Reflecting deep concerns within US ruling circles and Washington’s intelligence agencies, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius wrote last week that Libya represented 
“a case study of why America’s influence has receded in the Middle East.” He indicted the Obama administration for having failed to take “steps over the past two years [that] might have limited the country’s descent toward anarchy.”
Meanwhile, two years after the withdrawal of American troops, Iraq is descending into civil war, with casualties approaching the record levels reached during the US occupation. In Syria, the Obama administration found itself compelled to retreat from the direct use of US military force in the face of overwhelming popular opposition both at home and abroad, driven by the immense hostility to the previous wars waged, in the interests of the financial oligarchy, on the basis of lies.

While this crisis has interfered with Washington’s timetable for war in Syria, in the final analysis, it makes even more catastrophic conflagrations not less, but more likely. This threat must be answered through the building of a new mass antiwar movement, based on the working class and directed against the capitalist profit system, the source of war and militarism.

It’s Not There!

Israel 'conducts Syria air strike'

Israeli aircraft have carried out a strike near the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, a US official says.

The official said the strike targeted Russian-made missiles intended for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

Latakia is a stronghold of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, an important port city where the Alawite community to which he belongs is concentrated.

Israel is widely reported to have carried out at least three air strikes in Syria so far this year.

Reports of the strike came as the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said all Syria's declared equipment for making chemical weapons had been destroyed, one day before a deadline.

Action by the OPCW was agreed following allegations, denied by the Syrian government, that its forces had used chemical weapons in civilian areas - and after the US and France threatened military intervention.

Charlene Downes murder police appeal 10 years after disappearance

Charlene Downes has not been seen since 1 November 2003

Police investigating the murder of a Blackpool teenager say they hope people who have never come forward might now have the confidence to do so.

Officers are renewing their appeal for information on the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of Charlene Downes. They believe 14-year-old Charlene was one of a number of girls who were groomed for sex by [Asian] men in the town.

Lancashire Police said others affected by abuse would now be adults and might be more willing to share information. Police also hope the publicity surrounding recent "high profile" grooming cases will encourage new witnesses to speak to them.

Charlene's body has never been found and no-one has been convicted of killing her.

At a retrial in 2008 a man was cleared of her murder, and another man was found not guilty of helping to dispose of the teenager's body.

'Brushed under carpet'

Paige Chivers went missing in 2007

Four years after Charlene's disappearance another Blackpool girl, 15-year-old Paige Chivers, went missing. She is also presumed to have been murdered. Officers said the two cases were not directly connected, but said there were similarities.

Charlene's mother, Karen Downes, said: 
"I'm still as devastated as I was 10 years ago, and I still live in hope that one day she will be found.
"I will never give up until justice is done for her, and I'm very disappointed that nothing has been done by now."
She added: 
"I want the police to do more, they have done nothing in the past five years since the case collapsed, they have just brushed it under the carpet or put it in a dusty cupboard somewhere."
Assistant Chief Constable Andy Rhodes said: 
"Charlene was involved in a situation in Blackpool around child sexual exploitation, and her disappearance is linked to that problem in Blackpool at the time.
"We think there are people out there that know things and have never come forward.
"We also think there are people out there, who were children involved in that scene at the time, who may now have the confidence to come forward."
He added: 
"We are not connecting the murders [of Charlene and Paige] directly, but they were obviously in the same area and the same scene in terms of child sexual exploitation, so we think there's significant amounts of consistencies in terms of how these tragic murders occurred."

Man who uploaded video of Ku Klux Klan member hanging life-size golliwog doll gives white supremacist salute as he leaves court

From the Daily Mail

A racist yob, who gave a white supremacist salute outside court, has admitted uploading a YouTube video showing a life-size golliwog doll being hanged by a person in a Klu Klux Klan costume.

Christopher Philips made the offensive gesture to photographers outside Wolverhampton Crown Court last week. The 23-year-old, formerly known as Darren Clifft, was told at a hearing today he could face prison for trying to 'stir up racial hatred'.

He was arrested by Counter-Terrorism police in March after posting the footage of a mock-execution onto the internet.

Philips pleaded guilty to distributing and recording visual images, which were shot at an extreme right-wing concert held in West Wales.

But he denied wearing the Ku Klux Klan outfit, which the prosecution accepted, and the charge of using threatening or insulting behaviour intended to stir up racial hatred was ordered to lie on file.

The court heard his father had committed suicide shortly after Philips was arrested and interviewed about the racist crime.

Adjourning sentence until December, so a psychiatric report can be carried out, Judge John Warner told Philips: 
'The fact that I’ve allowed your bail to continue is not in any way at all tying my hands.
'The overwhelming likelihood is that you will receive a period in custody.'
Judge Warner said the mock-execution videos had caused 'strong feelings'.

He added: 
'It’s the sort of material that will attract very strong feelings in certain sections of the community and I think there is a real risk here of violence and retribution.'
Defending Philips, Mohammed Ramzan said: 
'His father committed suicide, one of the reasons was this case.'
The court heard Philips, who had a 'huge online presence' and called himself ‘Clansman of the West Midlands infidels’ on Twitter, had received death threats from anti-racist groups.

Mr Ramzan said: 
'His life was threatened. People did attend the gym where he coaches kick-boxing, fortunately for him he was ill that day so not there.
'It was a gathering of quite a few people with weapons. His mother is very anxious for the address not to be revealed because she fears for her safety.'
As well as being bailed to live and sleep at his mother's address in Wolverhampton, Philips was given an electronic tag and told to keep to a 9pm-7am curfew. He was also ordered not to access any social media websites.

Philips, who wore a grey suit with a white shirt and striped tie, left court quietly with several members of his family and friends after yesterday’s 45-minute hearing.

£3.7bn a year bill for illegal immigrants' health and education

Illegal immigrants use £3.7billion worth of taxpayer-funded health and education services every year, figures out yesterday suggest.

Campsite: Roma gipsies in
London's Park Lane in July.
A new report suggests
there are now 200,000 Roma
migrants iving in the UK

Each one taking advantage of Britain’s free NHS and schools costs the Treasury £4,250 per year, a Home Office report reveals. The figures underline the true cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers and emerged as ministers admitted their controversial ‘go home’ vans led to just 11 illegals volunteering to leave the country.

The UK’s huge bill for funding education and health for illegal immigrants was condemned by campaigners last night and prompted calls for further action to deal with the scale of illegal immigration.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think tank said: 
‘This is a stunning figure which previous governments have covered up for far too long.
‘It amounts to six times the cost to the taxpayer of the entire immigration system. So the case for a firm crackdown on illegals is absolutely undeniable.’
Latest figures suggest the illegal population living in the UK may be as high as 863,000. When combined with the per person cost of around £4,000 estimated by the Home Office, the statistics suggest an annual public services cost of £3.67billion – nearly half the annual police budget for England and Wales.

The controversial advertising vans were used over several days this summer in London boroughs where high numbers of illegal immigrants are thought to live.

They carried the slogan ‘go home or face arrest’ and gave a hotline telephone number to call.

Home Secretary Theresa May has already said the vans were ‘too much of a blunt instrument’ and their use will not be extended across the country. Only 11 illegals contacted the Home Office as a result of seeing the vans and have been removed.


Britain has one of the largest Roma populations in Western Europe with around 200,000 living here, an authoritative report shows. Migrants have doubled the size of Britain’s gipsy and traveller population, researchers said yesterday.

It contradicts Government claims that ‘relatively few Roma citizens’ had set up up home in this country.

The study’s ‘conservative’ and ‘increasing’ figure is four times the 49,000 number estimated four years ago in a report for the Department for Children, Schools and Families. It comes amid concerns at the prospect of a new wave of migration when restrictions on workers from Romania and Bulgaria are relaxed in January.

Areas where most Roma people have settled include Yorkshire, the North West and the Midlands, the study by Salford University of data from more than 150 councils found.

It said the term Roma applied to ‘a wide diversity’ of groups in eastern Europe, including gipsies.

Large-scale Roma migration, the researchers said, may have begun with the boom in numbers of people seeking asylum in the late 1990s.