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Thursday, 10 October 2013

You must have seen this

You must have seen's all over the place. I can't seem to click on any of my favourite sites but this gorgon's picture appears under the headline

One Little Thing All White People Could Do That Could Make A Difference in the World

Now, in typical self-obsessed black entitlement mode this creature actually means for blacks in the world. Yes, Whites must provide even more gibsmedats for the poor creatures. 

Listen lady: 
I think I speak for most Whites when I say I have not the remotest interest in doing anything more for you worthless, unproductive, self absorbed, arrogant, thieving, cheating, shiftless, phallocentric, shameless parasites, unfit for anything but the simplest most rudimentary labour, and who would have long since disappeared down the Darwinian plughole were it not for the misguided benevolence of Whites.
Look, I'll make a deal. I'll try to ensure that Whites will indeed do that 'One Little Thing' you require. But only when you blacks stop robbing, raping and physically assaulting us, taking our jobs by way of Affirmative Action, bleeding us dry with your welfare dependency, clogging our jails and court systems, debasing and destroying our neighbourhoods, schools.....indeed any place where you congregate in sufficient numbers.
Have we a deal?

Good. Now take it to the local branch of the NAACP. Why, I've even formulated a new motto for that organisation, and have gone to the trouble of translating it into Latin for you to give you a badly needed touch of class (I knows you aint so good at dem forrin langwiches).

NAACP (Motto: Dona nobis Solvo excrementum aut Puteus Combustio urbibus vestris (Give Us Free Shit or We’ll Burn Your Cities Down)

Now lady, tell me, who the hell is paying for all this advertising? It's not at all clear. Whoever the hell is doing it must have very deep pockets. Please let us know.

In the meantime, like a good gargoyle, please get the fuck off the Web and stop spoiling my day.

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