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Saturday, 12 October 2013

What better than a bunch of Faggots to promote the Jewish ideal of 'Usury' eh?

'Usury' is actually theft, yes that's right (think about it). In this video below the fudge packers who call themselves 'The Pet Shop Boy's' unknowingly explain that the White Aryan race has and always has had 'The Brains' and that the parasitic Jew has not. But mistakenly they suggest that they (the Jew) have the brawn  which is a lie of course because they get the brainwashed idiots of our race to do their fighting for them.

They also state that they have the 'looks', well that's true if you are into some kind of Rodent fetish. 

One day we will collectively turn on them and they won't know what the fuck has hit them. This day is coming soon, it is written.

Hail victory

John Hardon

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