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Friday, 11 October 2013

We're Heading For a Bleak Winter. While you Peasants sit there Shivering and Hungry think of the Poor old Queen ffs

From the Daily Mail:

Queen is given an inflation-busting pay rise: Her Majesty to receive 22% increase over next two years after being reduced to her 'last MILLION' [Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family are worth £440 billion]

The Queen is set to receive an inflation-busting 22 per cent ‘pay rise’ over two years, according to new official figures. The monarch is said to be ‘down to her last £1 million’, leaving her vulnerable to ‘unexpected costs’, a report has said.

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  1. That figure of £440 billion is wrong. A report from a few years ago, stated that she was now worth considerably less than the once, much touted £4 billion. Rosthchild banking giants were her 'advisers', and as usual, they advised her so as to bleed her dry, she was in fact, down to her last 'billion'. The only people allowed to reach the figure mentioned in that above report, £440 billion, are tribe members. The queen and all other state sponsored royals, were engineered centuries ago, and include much Juden blood. Hence the continuous challenges by real European bloodline folk every now and then. Royalty was once the very foundation of ALL nations and their volk. Now, we have mere quislings.