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Monday, 21 October 2013


By Sven

Why do the Media use the term ‘illegal immigrants’ when they are actually ‘unlawful immigrants’? They are not just breaking statutes (a legislated rule given the force of law, by consent of the governed) but are breaking the most fundamental laws known to all that became codified as Common Law. Common law emerged from earlier laws that were based upon obtaining justice for victims and is based around causing no harm through loss, fraud or injury. By unlawfully entering a country at least two of those are committed straight away, let alone the violent crime that is often perpetrated as well.

Traditionally, entering a different country is the same as entering a house that is not your own. You present yourself to the owner and explain yourself, then ask permission to be allowed in, whereupon you could be granted the status of a guest, or your request declined. The procedure is the same for when first setting foot in a foreign land. Traders in the past would present themselves to the King or his representatives and ask for permission to sell their wares in the land. After inspecting the goods and deciding whether it would be beneficial for the people to acquire them, a decision would be made to grant the foreigners permission to travel the Kings highway without being molested. The same freedom of movement and the right to redress if attacked that the subjects in the country enjoyed, would be granted.

In the same way, when the European adventurers sailed to new lands, upon landing on the shore they would seek the governing authority to obtain permission to settle or to trade. This is the lawful way that people who wish no harm to the occupants of foreign lands behave. Invaders, thieves and those seeking conquest do the opposite, they arrive by stealth and then take whatever they can lay their hands on. During the late middle ages, this happened a lot, as Muslim raiders from Algiers would sail to Europe and then sneak onto the shore at night, murdering the old and incapable and kidnapping everyone else to sell as slaves.

The inhabitants of the British Isles used to be a very friendly and accommodating folk, there are plenty of records of people fleeing persecution and being granted lands by the King on which they could grow enough crops for themselves, feed their animals and start up a settlement. In return, they would give him their loyalty, pay him tribute and obey the country’s laws. The opposite of this can be demonstrated by the Vikings, who would suddenly appear from nowhere, taking what they wanted by force and exacting tribute from the subdued natives who were unable to repel them. Nowadays we still pay tribute, but in the form of benefits, health care and education, and the threats of force have become those of rioting and looting in our streets if we refuse.

Recently, there have been a couple of highly publicised tragedies where overloaded boats full of would be criminals have capsized off the coast of Italy. The way these have been reported has conformed to the usual media rules of exploiting peoples emotions for policy purposes. At first, the unfortunates were reported as being economic migrants from Somalia and Eritrea, but that was obviously not soliciting enough sympathy, so their nationality predictably changed to being ‘Syrian and Palestinian refugees’. The reports also tried to lay the blame for the tragedies at the feet of the European Governments, for not making it easier for them to break into Europe. While I regret the loss of any life, these were criminals trying to force their way in to other people’s countries in order to take what they were unable to create for themselves. If your house was continually being broken into by thieves and one day the thieves fell off the ladder and died, would you make it easier for them to break in, or would you make it impossible for them to put the ladder up against the wall?

The media tells us that they are coming here because ‘they are just looking for a better life’ and in a way this is true. They are not able to make a life for themselves in their own countries, so they seek to take the life that other people have worked to create instead. Quite a few years back I was in the Middle East for a while, and I spent a lot of time there with Arab street musicians. I got on very well with them, and asked them what the Arab communities were like in Europe and the UK. They told me not to go anywhere near them, as they were the worst kind of people who were not wanted in their own countries. This came as a bit of a shock to me, as I had assumed they would be similar to them, and hadn’t really put any thought into why someone might leave their own country.

Economic migrants are basically looking for what they can take for themselves, whether they have entered the country unlawfully or not, money is more important to them than family, nation and country. If they are educated, then they are selfishly depriving their own Nations (who paid for their education) of their skills, as well as encouraging the Nation they move into not to bother educating their own people, and not to pay higher wages. 

Another type, is the Asylum seeker, who has basically broken the laws in his own country. Either he is a violent criminal, or he is a political criminal, a traitor to his own people, running back to his financial backers who were using him to destabilise his own country. This has become very clear since the Arab Spring, where the opposition governments are made up of expelled traitors who have been living in Western countries, whilst being trained for their new puppet roles as democratic dictators. Finally, there is the refugee from war. Since the wars are thousands of miles from Europe, the intention cannot be just to find some temporary peace before going back, but is to take advantage of peoples sympathy for refugees and to infiltrate a more advanced country. These refugees never do go back, since they are immeasurably better off in the world we created, than their own.

There will obviously be exceptions to the general rule and I do know a few decent, and honest migrants who entered the country lawfully and will be going back, but even they are doing jobs that should by natural right, belong to the natives of this country. If all our natives were employed, housed, educated and healthy, and there were still projects that needed to be completed, then some short-term European migration would be acceptable, but not when we have 25% unemployment among our own youth.

Unlawful migrants have no business being here, they have no lawful jobs they are going to, they have no lawful family here, they have no interest in staying at home and improving their own countries, so why would anyone believe they could be a positive addition here? In fact many are on the run from their own countrymen for unacceptable behaviour. If they had any lawful reason for being here, they would go to the appropriate authorities and ask permission, the same as the European adventurers did in every country they came across in their historic travels.

We have mothers in labour being turned away from hospitals as there are too many births for the hospitals to cope with, Primary schools are moving to a three day week as there isn’t enough room to fit all the pupils in other wise, and we have a literacy and numeracy rate in our young that has plummeted to one of the lowest in the developed world. This is before you even look at the massive increase in violent crime and the explosion of rape statistics. 

There is no way we should be making it easier to crowd out our countries with even more criminals. At the very least, illegal immigrants should be called what they are, unlawful immigrants and the navy should be patrolling the Mediterranean firing warning shots at the enemy. The whole point of having an army and a navy is to protect the country from invasion and that is exactly what we are experiencing. The Media’s portrayal of this should leave no-one in any doubt at all that our State is occupied by a hostile foreign force, hell-bent on the British people's destruction.

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