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Thursday, 24 October 2013

UK: How The Jewsmedia Control Your Mind

Once upon a time the main thing a journalist had to learn was a language called ‘shorthand’ this language enabled them to accurately transcribe at a very fast rate any sentence they were hearing. Today the main language a journalist, particularly a tv or radio journalist has to learn is called ‘neuro-linguistic-programming’ the art of using a subtle language of subliminals  methods of undermining the interviewee through words, characterizations, facial expressions and hand-gestures. It involves subtle brainwashing of the listener, manipulating the listener’s mind and most importantly driving the hidden agenda which the controlled-media is putting forward on behalf of the real rulers of the nation and whatever puppet government is currently in power.

Britain is a one-party cultural Marxist state controlled by a media projected matrix devised by think-tanks. All Britain’s mainstream media is rigidly in the hands of Jews.

How Jews use media mind control to prevent the British people taking back their nation from their iron control:

An indigenous white politician is immediately defeated in his argument for a British nation for British people by falling into the Jewish interviewer’s trap of bowing to the Jewish psychological mind-control world-view foolishly believing that throwing another indigenous British party under the bus will satisfy the Jews:

But before you watch observe the foreplay in the studio just before the interview. The Jew is doing prepping for the discussion which she should have done before the guest sat down. She is using a hand gesture that clearly shuts him out as though for her he was not even there. Mr. Farage the guest is clearly uncomfortable, he is seated out in the open under the lights and under the gaze of the camera crew and staff in the TV studio left to his own thoughts. This is a deliberate technique used to undermine him and take away his confidence before the Jew opens fire. But as in any bullfight she gets the picador BBC attack dog and stand up political comedian Michael Crick to tear him to shreds before she even begins:

But what is as truly awful is that both the parties discussed here; UKIP and the BNP are in fact security services created or taken over controlled opposition. In both cases both leaders have passionate British nationalist tendencies but at the same time are puppets of the regime. Rather like the dog who breaks away from it’s owner but always returns neither can hide the fact that they are pledged to Marxist social-democracy. Neither can shake off the blackmailing by the security services about aspects of their earlier private lives that keeps them under regime control. Blackmailing which in most cases only starts once a British politician has launched himself in front of the public and committed himself to his views.


  1. Nationalism certainly is psycotic. Surely if these parties, especially the BNP, were in the hands of the state, they would never have had anywhere near the success seen over the last ten years. I fear the real problems are petty egotiscal rivalries, and infiltration. The leader, especially Mr Griffin, could not sustain a con such as described here, if the masses of former supporters and members were actually still swelling the membership. The membership could then take contole, and no leader, or manipulative state master, would stand a chance. I say that all true nationaists should choose one party, staff it, run it, and control it like a shareholder run business.


    You say.....
    "I say that all true nationaists should choose one party, staff it, run it, and control it like a shareholder run business."
    A shareholder run business runs according to who has the most voting stock.

  3. The point is, that if enough people got back into a party structure, there would be enough of them/us, to face down any opposition. Ownership is everything, we are split now, in a permenant state of flux. Mass and power is everything.

  4. Very clever. Did you spot it? The pretend opposition Tory Party were examining if any UKIP'ers were....

    "paedophiles or racists".

    I.e, the subliminal suggestion is that a racist - a defender of our civilisation from Muslim or African colonists - is just as bad or worse than a paedophile.

    They know the Brits hate paedophiles and are using the media to conflate paedophilia with defence of the race who built Europe.

    Our poor people do not suspect that the TV is under the control of the enemies of Europe.

  5. Haven't we gone beyond the need for another political party? How do you expect to win Zions game, playing by the rules that have been set by Zion?

    We cannot. Soon as you kids wake up to this fact. The sooner we might be able to actually get something done round here.

    I'm not at all sure, just what it is you're trying to save here. What is it, you are so desperate to keep hold of? A sense of honour perhaps, dignity? We are engaged in a silent war for our very survival. Yet there are still too many amongst us, who are content to leave our fate in the hands of others.

    It should be pretty obvious by now, that shuffling off to vote like good little nationalists, Isn't going to change a single fucking thing. So why is so much time and energy wasted on doing so?

    WE are the men of this land. HERE is our place, the one true place that grants us real security. In the whole of creation, we cannot rely wholly on any other land to provide the same as this one does. Yet we are slowly losing it because no one will stand up and say the obvious. Not only say the obvious, but DO the obvious as well.

    As Ghandi said, "If you want change, then you have to BE the change". Nothing is ever going to come about through going to vote, work or paying your bills and usery debts like the well behaved sweet white goy that, deep down, is all we really are.

    Until you say NO MORE.

    Fuck this, fuck that and more impotantly FUCK THEM!

    There will be a time for peace, and for making joy and merriment, and for doing the normal everyday things that is of our culture. But now is not that time. It is a time for dismantling and destruction. Of everything that has fouled our people upon their own soil.

    I hear many times, Nationalists complaining of the lack of numbers. But I have to ask, why so concerned? Look at the IRA. At the height of their action against the British establishment. They held less than 300 members. Look at the riots we had a couple of years ago. Whole cities brought to chaos through the action of a few dozen participates. I watched something on here yesterday, where members of the NSDAP went to Berlin to protest and caused a right proper hullaballoo. With just 200.

    A couple of hundred people, who are willing to do what must be done. Are worth far far more than a million spineless activists that want demonstrations in the morning. So they can be back to slaving like cockroaches by tea time.

    So yes, to hell with politics. Why it should even be of concern to us is anyones guess. It is nothing but an artificial state that should pale into insignificance when compared to the sanctity of our bond with the land.

    And THIS is OUR LAND!

    Herald of Albion

  6. Nigel Farage believes in the Holohoax and is therefore a waste of time!
    He plays at politics. I do not dislike him but I would not follow him.
    Herald of Albion........You and I are one mind.
    "So yes, to hell with politics" I agree