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Sunday, 27 October 2013

UK gas prices rise faster than in EU states

Gas prices in Britain have increased by almost 200 percent in 10 years, indicating a fast rise in UK energy prices compared to other major European counties.

UK gas and electricity bills have rocketed by almost 200 percent while the amount in other European countries such as Denmark is less than 40 percent, British media report.

Earlier last week, British energy giant, RWE Npower said gas and electricity prices will rise by 11.1 and 9.3 percent respectively from December 1.

Energy firm SSE also announced that it would be hiking electricity and gas prices by 8.2 percent next month. The company said its average annual dual fuel energy bill would increase by £106 to £1,380 a year.

British Gas also followed SSE's price rise with the announcement of a 9.2 percent increase in its dual-fuel bill price from November 23.

According to reports, the rise which will hit around five million Britons, makes the UK second only to Estonia for households struggling to pay their bills.
“These figures lay bare the full scale of the cost of living crisis facing Britain,” Shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint told the Sunday People. [But failed to mention that under Labour things would be no different]
Flint also criticized British Prime Minister David Cameron over his failure to control energy prices in the country, saying 
“it’s no good him blaming world prices when bills are rising faster here than in Europe”. 
Britain’s largest unions body the Trades Union Congress (TUC) also criticized the British government over the hiking electricity and gas prices and said “British people are fed up” with bills having been sky-rocketed for years. 

Energy prices in the UK are double those of the US.


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