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Monday, 28 October 2013

Hope you are happy bitch

H/T Cairo for the vid.

These stupid indoctrinated White bitches better wake up, they are at the forefront of the destruction of our 'Racial Identity'

Jewish race mixing MSM propaganda 

Hope you are happy bitch

That's right listen to the Jew you stupid White women, once you procreate with a Nigger you have shit on everything your great Aryan ancestors passed down to you, the genes that took eons to create will be lost in a moment of animal passion (bestiality). The result will be total disaster not only for you and your mulatto offspring but for our race. You are destroying everything and bringing it down to an animal level that we evolved from intellectually and spiritually thousands of years ago. Or to put it another way you are denying the rules of nature and the Creator.

There will be no salvation for you and your offspring, you have crossed the line, the line that intrinsically tells you (within) that what you are doing is wrong but you would rather turn your back on your ancestors and your race to do the will of the Jew.

Yes, the odds are stacked against us with commercials like this shown on 'Prime time' TV here in the UK:

Don't fall for this Jewish bullshit, look into your soul and you can just feel it is wrong, if you can't you are beyond redemption and their will be no remorse when you cease to exist.

John Hardon


  1. It has become normal now, to see these Juden adverts. The only hope we have, is that a good few million will feel, read, and go with, their natural instincs. Propaganda is powerful. Israeli adverts are, I have studied on you-tube, purely Jewish. Check them out, and run a few on here to show their disparity.


  2. That spoken narrative is superb. However, I cannot see a 'new tribe' coming, or being self-sustaining without a centre of intellectual and cultural leadership, and institutional core. We need a centralised management somewhere, so as to gather the right people, skills, educational, and military necessities. Any ideas?

  3. as many problems we have in this world i am saddened that you choose this as your focus. there are children who are kidnapped daily rapped and sold into sex trade wars over resources governments run by corrupt people who enslave all and poison you through your food and you still choose this as your focus as to whats wrong in the world how many of those mixed children actually affect you in your home on a daily basis...? how much does your government? yes look deeper than skin. there are bad apples in every skin tone just as there are good but it is you who allows yourself to be corrupted by the stereotyping live your life without fear of any man yet hope there is a god, cause if the world was to end today what in your life would really matter