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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Turkish "community leader" boasts of imminent takeover of Germany by immigrants

Kenan Kolat Turkish immigrant scum

Kenan Kolat, chairman of the Turkish Community in Germany [TCG], emphasises, at the TCG meeting in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, that 80% of the German population below six years of age is of immigrant origin. Kola: 
"In twenty years immigrants will make up 75% of the population. Germany must see this reality." These people will rule and lead Germany, emphasis Kolat and aims his words at the parties who will form the next government: "Dual citizenship is the most important item on the TCG's agenda. The SPD [Socialist party] has promised it to us. If the SPD breaks its promises for a second time and disappoints voters of Turkish origin, the Turks will not forget it."


  1. Absolutely shocking , so finally Morgenthau will get his final solution to the German problem.

  2. savages remain savage23 October 2013 at 16:46

    And when the savages do take over, what do they think will happen, germany is germany because of white germans.

    When the savages take over it will devolve into the shitholes that they have run away from, germany will become turkey, a turkey with more snow and spruce trees.

    These savages do live in fantasy land, it must be horrible to know that you're useless, its not the country dumb savages, its the people and the IQ of the white german people that make germany what it is

    Ergo, its the savages that make their countries savages, take the population of turkey and put them in germany, and take germans and put them in turkey, come back in 100yrs what's do you think will be seen

    Turkey will look like germany, and germany like turkey

    What is so difficult about this concept, it isn't rocket surgery.

    These savages don't understand, that they are the people they are trying to get away from, pretty sad if you ask me, they don't understand that. They think the land germany has some magical power

  3. Dom't forget, they brag and goad our people, but forget they have only the power given to them by traitors. They'll have shock of their spoilt, pampered lives when the small percentage of white brave warriors, start to collect their numbers amongst the rest of the dross and brow-beaten whites.


  4. Those who fought against the German in WW 2 were betrayed...

    Britain, the US and the rest of the allies suffer the same punitive imposts as Germany.

    They as now, were betrayed by the Jew as a 'friend' and his snivelling Noachide enablers.

    Those who defer to the Kike and remain silent on that fact out of fear dishonour them all.

    Why this ? Because these wars for jews are wars of dishonour and elicit only undeserved and unidentifiable shame borne out of having been deceived by jews. Yet if they spoke of their pain and regret..... the jew would label them 'anti-Semites' and 'jew haters'.

    The political jew suggests that veterans are 'mentally ill' and should be denied the opportunity to participate as Men and Women in the responsibilities accorded them in the Second Amendment.

    The jew uses others, discards them and then pisses on their grave by continuing to lie about those not here to defend themselves.