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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tommy Robinson exposed at last

Written by Green Arrow

Robinson & Carroll

By now, you all know that the Zionist lickspittle and self appointed leader of the English Defence League, the make up wearing Tommy "Paddy" Robinson, has announced that he is quitting the movement before its supporters, who have finally gotten wise to him being a white, turncoat race traitor and a Jewish Puppet, lynched him.

In his usual cowardly style, he did not have the courage to face those who had blindly followed him into becoming a street army for Robinson's Jewish Masters and annouced his betrayal and departure in the government and Jewish funded Quilliam Foundation instead.

Already sickened by his attempts to shoehorn them into the late and unlamented Zionist British Freedom Party led by one the biggest Jewish lickspittles ever, Paul Weston, the patriots of the EDL were even further revolted by Robinson wearing a badge proclaiming himself to be a Zionist and more concerned with defending Israel than defending the English people who had let him into their country.
"Quilliam said they had been working with Mr Robinson, who they say wishes to exit the group along with Mr Carroll "because they feel they can no longer keep extremist elements at bay"
What the Zionist Quilliam Foundation is saying there, is that the True Patriots in the EDL have sussed Robinson big time and so they are pulling him out before someone puts his lights out.

So what do we know about the Quilliam Foundation, that is now going to pay Tommy a wage for his misleading and destruction of what could have been a superb patriotic street army.

Well it was set up in 2008 with funding of millions of pounds from the Home Office and the Foreign Office and although it says it attacks terrorism it continues to support the illegal wars started by our government on the orders of Israel.

Despite all the money it has available and well sited luxurious offices, the Foundation itself has been ignored by everyone who knows its origins and who is behind it.

Some of the biggest supporters of the Quilliam Foundation are the Jew Nick Cohen of the Spectator, The Jewish Chronicle and the Conservative Friends of Israel who are demanding even more money be handed over to the Quilliam Foundation - no doubt to pay the painted Tommy Robinson his blood money.

Thankfully at last he stands exposed for what he was and is - a vile stinking race traitor in the pay of the Zionists.

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  1. There was an earlier article on the BNP site a few months ago about who controls the EDL. Now we see the Jew plan unravell like a dead snake.

    Crown Harbour Long Shanks