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Sunday, 27 October 2013

The desecration of rural England to accommodate 'White Flight', Brits fleeing immigrant infested 'third world' British cities

Britain’s National Parks and beauty spots are under ‘unprecedented threat’ of being built upon due to the Government’s relaxation of planning laws, campaigners will warn tomorrow.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) says that more than 30 formerly protected areas are being considered or approved for large scale housing projects or developments which could leave a permanent scar on the countryside.

More than ten National Parks face being blighted by construction schemes, while designated Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty (AONB) across home counties such as Kent, Essex and Sussex are also at risk, campaigners say.

Applications to build on ‘so-called protected areas’ have increased rapidly since the Government reformed planning rules in March last year, making it easier for developers to get permission to build.

CPRE president Sir Andrew Motion is expected to call on the Government to look again at the policy changes and consider providing extra protection for the most beautiful countryside.


  1. The Satanic bastards in power will not be happy until all the good and green of this land, which is part of our connection to what is our home; is concreted over and soiled forever.


    1. Any ideas for what to do, and how we go about it?

      1933 and all that.

  2. Now Hardon and co. are belatedly, talking some half-decent common sense. The introduction of the 'Maleski Convention' throughout the closed/monopolistic jewish worldwide media WILL save our green and pleasant land! Ask the jew if you don't believe me!