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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Terrorism Wins A Homeland

9/11InvestigationVids has uploaded an interesting 3 part video of British news clips describing the jewish zionist terrorism in the taking over of Palestine in 1948. "MovieTone" newsreels. Reporting when there was not quite as much control of the media as it is today. 
"The terrorist campaign succeeds in its purpose, reinforcing its political usefulness and effectiveness. The nation of Israel is born in racist terror and religious bloodshed. All major modern terrorism leads back to Jerusalem.
Following World War 2 in Palestine, against the British Mandate of Palestine, the Zionist militant terrorist group the Irgun carried out sixty terrorist attacks. Kidnappings, building demolitions, assassination of UN Peace negotiators, US consulate attacks, train station bombings, gun running, and bombing police stations. All the hallmarks of modern terrorism, they invented the genre." (more commentary at the videos)

Shouldn't these videos be shown in high school world history classes? Do they even have those anymore? How can one understand the state sponsored terrorism of today without a background in the modern inception of terrorism?

Whenever I see about events like this local holocaust guilt fest and indoctrination camp, I can't help but wonder if these people, especially the kids, have any idea about the whole story. I doubt it and it's doubtful they ever will.....and that's sad...and dangerous.

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  1. Mass promotion of such 'education' is key to our potential victory. Well done.