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Monday, 21 October 2013

‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ Launches Nonsensical War on Andrew Anglin of Total Fascism

By Andrew Anglin

Yesterday, a YouTube channel called “Storm Clouds Gathering” posted an attack video on me and my website entitled Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements. The highly produced video mimics the methods of the mainstream Jewish media as it goes through parts of my manifesto, and, without citing any form of data, or even formulating an argument of any type to counter my positions and analysis regarding how to establish a new society, attempts to claim that everything I am saying is wrong, and that I and those that think like me should be shunned.

A quick perusal of the other videos on this YouTube channel will show that this person is a libertarian conspiracy-mongering truther, in the vein of Alex Jones. The video view counts indicate he is quite popular.

Immediately after posting the video, the comments section exploded, and the uploader was forced to engage in heavy censorship – which is funny, considering one of his main points of attack was that in my manifesto, I expressly state that I do not believe in total free speech.

Eventually, he became tired of censoring, and closed the comments.


  1. The American media is already nationalized. Tragically, it is owned lock,stock and barrel by the jewish nation. These Filfth Column infiltraitors have got to go if the United States is survive.

    1. Paul, people keep saying things like 'these people have got to go', but how? What alternative power do we have that could do this?

      Pelham 759