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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Smug Bastards are full of Shit spreading their HATE and LIES

Nazi Hunters Seek Survivors of Gross-Rosen for Testimony


Nazi hunter Ephraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center office in Jerusalem, says the Center has located a female former SS Nazi guard, and is seeking survivors of the Gross-Rosen Death march for testimony at her trial.

The guard in question [is supposed to have] marched 700 inmates of Gross-Rosen to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

Death marches were the forced marches of prisoners over long distances, under unbearable conditions, during which the prisoners were abused by their accompanying guards and often killed. 

Yad Vashem says around 40,000 Jews were sent on death marches from Gross-Rosen in total.

Zuroff says the guards from Gross-Rosen treated the Jews on the march extremely harshly with many being murdered on route. He added that the Wiesenthal Center had recently located the SS guard, who was known to be still living in Germany, after it posted signs around German cities saying it was willing to pay 25,000 euro for information on Nazis. "We received hundreds of replies," he said.

"We don’t actually bring people to court to face punishment, only governments and government bodies can do that, our job is to support those bodies," he explained.
He added that even though only 2% of the Holocaust's perpetrators were still alive, 
"it is our obligations to the victims, their families and for all of the Jewish people that we find these people and bring them to judgment and at the very least expose them so that their past catches up with them."
Any survivors of Gross-Rosen death marches to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp are asked to contact the Simon Wiesenthal Institute in Jerusalem.


  1. Parasitic hateful vermin. What about us spending decades chasing down old Jewish Communists? After all, that was a real holocaust.


    1. Yes, good point. How come NONE of these Commie murdering filth have been hunted down? Wll we know the answer to that don't we!

  2. I agree 100% with Ironkraft. Also how about hunting down those pilots of Bomber Command for murdering millions of innocent German women and children in Dresden and 70 other towns ? No it ain't going to happen. Why, our so-called traitorous Queen unveiled the statue in Green Park!