The 14 Words

Friday, 25 October 2013



  1. If anyone argues that the IRA acheived success by paramilitary tactics, then they are deluded. What that video proves, is the opposite, as the IRA/Sin Fien were, along with Blair, working towards Marxist Jewish destruction of Ireland. As they are with all White nations. Armed resistance is only viable, if the hidden hand is working with those bastards who treacherously pretend otherwise.


  2. I actually think, in some paradoxical way, that showing people clips of Ireland (which many for some reason still think is some kind of 'untouched' rural, perhaps even 'backwards', white outpost) will truly wake them up more than showing them say Birmingham. Because it shows you this is not just an ACCIDENT in Britian and there will be NOWHERE LEFT TO RUN TO if we dont stand and fight our ground here. (ditto videos of Welsh towns etc). On a different subject I have been thinking long and hard about how best we can combat all of this and create a national revolution in (the best part of) our people. The realisation that has gradually dawned upon me is that such a revolution MUST BE SPIRITUAL IN NATURE. Although the 'Christian' nature of the fascist movements has been largely downplayed (probably due to the pressure of todays 'kosher' churches to do so) when you really study the writings, songs and imagery of virtually ALL the fascist movements it becomes clear that all of them, outwardly at least, were concernced with a CHRISTIAN spiritual revival (and, in the case of Romania's Iron guard and Francist Spain this was the completely overriding factor). I believe that our mistake has been to focus solely on the political aspect and to try to gain power through the democratic system (which inevtiably involves 'compromising' to the point at which you become indistuinguishable from the enemy-vide UKIP) . Anyway my general idea is to form a new Order of the Knights Templar. I think this imagery (of the crusader knight fighting the infidels) is already very popular amongst right-wing inclined people generally and I think such a spiritual order (like Romania's Iron guard) will enable us to create the necessary atmosphere of 'extremism' and hatred for the vulgar materliastic, comfortable world the jews have created for us, in order to destroy it. Anyway sorry for the rant and please let me know whether you think such an Order (which would NOT be a political party and would encourage its members to join other political parties-also would be hierarchic and initiatic and would be male only-oh, and would aim eventually to be 'pan European') is a good idea or just a stupid fantasy! Cheers!

  3. re. the OKT, please get in touch. this is an interesting idea, and all ideas need to be explored. And yes, you are right, the false war of the Masonic IRA and the Masonic UVF (both controlled from London) was a device to destroy yet another part of Europe. Whilst the soldiers in paramilitary disguise were bombing Catholics AND Protestants, the non-European immigrants were moving in and building mosques etc. It is shameful that so many still believe the war was genuine, or worthwhile.

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