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Friday, 11 October 2013

Reflections on the EDL

By Frederick Dixon

A shock, yes but a surprise, no, not really.

There has always been something odd about the EDL, its sudden emergence out of nothing, its financing about as clear as mud, it’s enthusiasm for the cause of Israel (Israel, for heaven’s sake!) . The sudden defection of Robinson and the others makes it all a little clearer – it has been a false flag operation from the start, designed to lure patriotic young Englishmen (and some English women) into identifying themselves to the authorities. The Islam friendly, taxpayer funded, Quilliam Foundation now has the details of around 35,000 such patriots.

What other objectives the hidden backers of the EDL may have had we can only speculate, but one or two likely downsides of this betrayal can easily be identified:- rejoicing on the Left (although, interestingly, I see that Nick Lowles of Searchlight is suspicious of Robinson’s motives); dismay among EDL members and supporters.

What are those members and supporters likely to do now? Many will certainly want nothing more to do with active Nationalism, some (not many, I hope) will agree with Robinson’s alleged disgust at the penetration of the EDL by “extremists”, some (many, I hope) will join other street action movements of the Right, some – probably only a few – will involve themselves with Nationalist political parties.

We shall see whether or not the emasculated EDL limps on for a while, but its likely disappearance has upsides as well as downsides. This can be seen in a glance at the EDL website – namely its painful insistence on multi-racialism and multi-culturalism, on recognising as an “Englishman” anyone who happens to have lived here for a few years, on denouncing “racism”.

Any organisation which can believe such stuff is better off dead, and in its dying it clears the way for something better to emerge. That something better will emerge we can be confident because Nationalists have now seen, for the first time in thirty years, the real value of a movement of mass street activism, namely the radicalisation of a new generation of young patriots. The material is out there, waiting to be gathered together, waiting to fight for our country’s cause.

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