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Saturday, 12 October 2013


Finding out the way the world really is can be a serious shock to some people, especially when the reality of it is actually the opposite of what we have been taught. 

Our modern world is full of so much deception and lies, that the truth itself has been made to seem unfair and unkind when we see it through our ‘enlightened’ modern spectacles. Some of our most cherished ideals are really just appeals to our emotions and discovering that they are based on lies can be quite disconcerting. Yet once the spectacles have come off it can be seen that the truth is actually far more beneficial than the lie. The truth about equality is one of these revelations that can seem unfair at first encountering it. We have been taught to think that equality is a lofty ideal to aim for, yet without inequality there would be no just reward or chastisement to encourage constructive progress.

Equality is not something that exists in nature. The superior does not give way to the inferior and this ensures that the superior increases whilst the inferior decreases, thus ensuring that only the best survive and procreate. The whole of nature relies upon the law of inequality to ensure that it continually improves on itself. This may seem unfair from the view of the inferior creature, but from the view of the species it is very good. When the law of inequality was still being applied in man, it meant that each generation of new children had a higher chance of being born into a fully functioning body with a superior intellect, and each generation was more prosperous than the last. In this way it contributed to the greater good of all, rather than pandering to the selfish wants of the individual.

The same biological law of inequality is required in our societies, where the more challenging positions need to have superior individuals filling them, with less competent people filling the less challenging roles. However our modern obsession with equality has reversed this, by reducing requirements to ensure that everyone can take part.

By rejecting merit for minority quotas and attempting to enforce equality we are basically ensuring the lowering of standards in everything. By appealing to people’s emotions and encouraging ‘victim’ mentalities instead of community loyalty, we have been tricked into thinking that this is somehow a good thing. If any foreign entity wanted to weaken the society of it’s enemy, promoting equality would be a very good way of doing it. It means that people who are sub standard and do not make the grade are rewarded and patronised, whilst those who are above standard are penalised. It means a gradual weakening of the entire framework of society.

The biological reality of the different races of man organised into their nations is another way that nature encourages progress, but that our modern world seeks to pretend is something negative. By having different races and nations we are instinctively moved to loyalty to our own people. This provides security and support and enables us to work together on complex tasks that would be impossible without the intuitive presence of trust between us. By competing with others for diminishing land and resources we constantly improve on our methods and technology and learn to share them within the community for the good of all.

Without forces to resist and compete against, there would be no forward progress. In order to raise standards globally for all mankind, the seperate strains of it are biologically programmed to compete against one another, thus raising the standards internally of each strain. 

The greatest good is doing what is best for your people, whatever people that is. Doing this encourages other peoples to unite and work together with their people either for defence, or just in order to keep up. If you are helping your own, you are showing solidarity with them and the gesture will likely be repeated when possible, if you are helping others, then they are not learning to help themselves, but learning to rely on outside help to do things for them. In a functioning society, the strong help the weak and protect the defenceless and in doing so the communal bonds become stronger, but this has to be done in such a way that it does not encourage an increase in incapables. By directing that altruism away from your own society to other peoples unfortunates, your own people become neglected and the incapables increase in the other society. There is only so much charity to go around and the further it goes from it’s source, the less it contributes to the greater good and the more it just becomes outside interference.

Universal good can only be achieved through localised goodwill. Control over what the material help is used for decreases the further away the recipient is. Giving money abroad to other peoples is not helping them in the long run. Telling people they are all equal when they are obviously not, will ensure that any charity received will not be seen as charity but as compensation, since if we are all equal yet one does not have as much as another, then logically the one must only be better off because they have taken it from the other in the first place. By giving other peoples money you are patronising them and showing that you are so superior to them, that you can afford to keep them, as well as your own. This just encourages more dependance and more resentment.

As well as inequality in nature there are also hierarchies throughout nature and we have hierarchies and classes in our societies, although the criteria for inclusion in them has now become degraded, leading to some thinking hierarchies should be rejected altogether. In a positive hierarchy the burden of responsibility and need for ingenuity gets greater the higher up the hierarchy you go, and more gratitude and status is conferred for it. The lower strata have much less responsibility, along with less reward for their contribution, but they are still fundamental for the stability of the society. Castes and classes do have a certain equality within them, and this provides a social glue to prevent exploitation and encourage friendly competition. Since we have to have difference in order to experience life, there will always be superior and inferior relative to each other, and in order for a superior capacity for knowledge to continue, this has to be a part of peoples biology and not come from the environment. Understanding that heredity counts for more than environment, was one of the hardest parts of the truth for me to accept. At first it doesn’t seem fair that it isn’t individual work that produces superiority, but heredity that confers it. But If it was environment, then as soon as the environment changed, that capacity for superiority would change also and be lost. In order for it to continue through the ages regardless of geography, climate or catastrophe, it has to be passed on genetically. With hereditary capacity and caste, it was ensured that the most appropriate people were taught from birth the skills required for their position in society. It was not about one people ruling over another and turning them into slaves, but about an interconnected system that continually improved on itself.

The differences between peoples are there so that we can learn about what makes a people unique and benefit from that knowledge. The more we notice these differences the more we learn about ourselves, what we excel at, and what we need to defend ourselves from. China has just had a week’s holiday dedicated to celebrating their uniqueness when compared to all the other races and nations. This serves to bring them closer together and gives them a positive image of themselves as they concentrate on what makes them different to everyone else. Difference is good, creation is positive and the laws of creation were designed to ensure continual improvement and the positive evolution of the world. It is only by judging creation with our flawed modern morals that things like inequality and race could ever be seen as negative. Realising their true purpose, along with nation, hierarchy, caste and heredity, we can see that actually these are beneficial parts of nature and they are intended to function together to continually improve our existence. It has taken a complete brain poisoning of the public to convince people otherwise, and the damage this has done can be seen all over the world where it has happened. The reason people do not see through the fraud is that from the minute they are able to differentiate between themselves and the world, they are indoctrinated with a false morality and flattered for showing it. Because of this, when faced with realisation of the truth, it is hoped that people will reject it and go back to the comfortable lie.

In the end it requires looking at life from outside the perspective of the individual and instead from within the group as a whole, to see the positive inclination of the natural order. It also requires looking at things without being limited by time, which implies that the source of life lies outside of time. It also shows that the species is more important than the individual and that loyalty to the species is the highest good. The purpose of life is to protect, increase and advance your people, allowing nature to achieve its aims over the passage of time and your people to complete their destiny.

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  1. Excellent article. The crowning glory of God's work, White Aryans, has fallen to a parasitic bite. We allowed the parasite to rest upon our beautiful, milky frame, and nestle in our brains. It produced eggs, they hatched, we got eaten from within. We need an injection of natural blood cleansing medicine. We can do this ourselves, or become zombies to the parasite. You choose.