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Sunday, 13 October 2013


Mind you I'm not complaining about the late Kirsty MacColl's tits bouncing about on this video.

But notice that the Jewish Faggot Promotion brainwashing peaked in the 1980's to get us to the stage we are now, whereby Homosexuality is promoted by the MSM as just another lifestyle that is totally acceptable. Just as we are programmed to believe that race-mixing and abortion are just the 'norm'

These people on this video are an abomination to our race and should not be tolerated  I refer back to the 1980's because that's when the Jew increased the onslaught of insensibility, the Babylonian idea of Satanism that is now supposed to be accepted by all.

The destruction of the family and ALL Christian/Aryan ideals.

If Hitler had defeated the Jew do you think any of this would be happening? No fucking chance!

John Hardon

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  1. Whole pop culture was jewish creation from the start, originated in late 19th-early 20th century New York, in so called Tin Pan Alley, when music creation became business, instead of being an art or tradition. With help of new technical inventions and increasing media, it became produced top down to the masses, different from the grassroots folk music or classical music made for the elite. Soon they discovered how you can easily manipulate subliminaly vast populations, by using film, radio, sound recordings and later television. Jews always knew that key to their power is control over human psyche. With money you can control the governments, but with media you can control humanity. These are two main pillars of jewish world domination.