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Sunday, 6 October 2013

"Only Integrity is Going to Count"

Susan Boskey
Activist Post

An unarmed 34-year-old woman with a history of post-partum depression drives to Washington, D.C. from Stamford, Connecticut this past week with her 18-month-old daughter, allegedly hits a police checkpoint barrier with her car, freaks out, accelerates to get away, is chased by the cops, stopped by them and then is shot and killed. The next day Congress gave the D.C. cops a standing ovation. Really? Has the threshold for the use of deadly force been lowered to mothers freaking out in their car? Or was this an act of domination meant to have a chilling effect on future and potential “terrorists?”

Watch the evening news, read a newspaper, view the news online or study a history book and you will find different stories of a similar theme; governments continue to control, torture, dominate, hurt and kill their own. From ancient times to today, governments have been known to end up defaulting to the singular mission of doing whatever they must to serve and preserve their exclusive right to power. As Plato once said, “Democracy passes into despotism.”

What’s more, the masses tend to clamor for and vote for the politicians who thereafter act with impunity outside of written law. It is a two-headed monster of power brokers and the people who unwittingly support them; a monster that returns to society generation after generation with the only difference being the names of the politicians, the names of the people who elect them, the time-frame they live in and the technology and fashion of their time-period.

However, those at the top of the power pyramid do not have an exclusive on predatory behavior. In light of the quality and kindness of millions of people we all know, the number of those who prey on others seems to be on the rise. From the political oligarchs already mentioned to the probable junkie who cut the cord to my electric barbecue for the copper and to the CEOs who receive obscene salaries no one human could ever “earn,” it’s all the same issue, no integrity.

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