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Monday, 21 October 2013

Nikolaos Michaloliakos Speaks From Inside ZOG Gulag in Greece

This is an exclusive Golden Dawn New York English translation of an interview done for the Newspaper “Stoxos” (Target) by the editor of that paper, Dimitra Mylonas.

It was Saturday morning, September 28th when Nikolaos Michaloliakos leader of Golden Dawn was arrested, in an unprecedented political move that happened in “Democratic” Greece, the country that claims to be a “Temple for Democracy”.

It was in the early morning of October 3rd when the presiding judge decided to remand Nikos Michaloliakos. During this time the entire media moved in an unprecedented attack using any means necessary to slander “Golden Dawn” with no regard for what is true and what is not, false hidden polls and obvious manipulation. During this time, none of these “valid” and “reputable” journalists gave any chance for a representative of the “Golden Dawn” to respond. Very Democratic! Stoxos makes an exclusive interview with the inmate at Korydallos prison, political prisoner, Nikos Michaloliakos, the Director of the newspaper, Dimitra Mylonas learns the whole truth.

- Ethical?
Completely unethical. Especially while I was being persecuted for my ideas the same regime just a few weeks ago opened a museum for the greatest slaughterer of Greeks in modern history, Kemal Ataturk. This scheme they have enacted persecuted myself ,my comrades,the entire Golden Dawn and Greek nationalists that had the courage to label traitors those who say “Istanbul”, those who sell out our homeland piece by piece and have brought disaster and misery to the Greek people.
- Mr. Michaloliakos, as a Chief of the Greek Nationalists and the Golden Dawn, are you aware that whatever you say can be used against you? “They have seen it with their eyes and ears and can’t believe it”. Are you aware that all Greece laughs at the ridiculousness of what is happening? And with that weapon and humor, and the sympathy for your detainment ,have Greek nationalists won a battle in society?
– The storyline has been developed into a big fiasco. There have been more than 35 investigations in monasteries and homes everywhere. They have not found the famous “thousands of guns” Golden Dawn supposedly has. Naturally they did not find anything and all these falsehoods which they refer to are all garbage. They say they got this information from “Talking to home owners” where are these home owners, are they Ghosts? Instead they find the exact opposite, nothing. 
Golden Dawn has been consistent in its fight against the plutocracy, that is exactly what these political figures are who govern our fatherland, we stand against these pimps and the media with it’s political persecution. Suffice to say, for the dear readers of ‘Stoxos’ these pimps could not deceive them and neither could the Karamanlis government before. They are the real dictators of this place, they have ordered these wars, they have ordered our political persecution.
- Saturday Morning, September 28th. They ring the bell of your house and you hear them say that they have come to arrest you. What are your first feelings and initial thoughts Mr. Michaloliakos?
– The first thought that comes to mind is that this is a test. It is a test for each fighter and also a blessing. It’s a chance to prove if your morale is made of iron, if you are loyal to your ideology.What I also think is that the Golden Dawn is so strong now that they scared the whole system, an entire regime. As for the officials who issued the order, Look at them, we know that they are agents of a rotten conspiracy.
- In the days before it changed into a very specific climate, with the epicenter being the Golden Dawn. Not that I had thought it could never happen, but did you expect that it would come to this and that the system would reach this point, that of arresting and imprisoning you?
– The fact of the matter is that it was not merely days, but whole months (if not years) and in particular from May 7th , when Golden Dawn reached 7%, there was a very specific climate, a climate of demonization against the popular nationalist movement of the Golden Dawn and certainly an attempt to get things to lead to the current situation. Certainly this climate had never stopped, as you mention in your question this climate peaked into the current prosecution and detention of both myself and two other members of Golden Dawn and maybe more in the future.
You should know that all of this did not spring out of nowhere. If you follow the story characteristics, it happened in”steps”. Aris Ravanos of Nea Demokratia was writing as early as July and August that September is the month that Nea Demokratia will deal with Golden Dawn and they will try to damage them in any way possible. It was therefore all scheduled. At this point I want to say that I saw panic in those who were conducting the secret polls. The Golden Dawn is constantly gaining support despite the controversy they created and leveraged against us in many dirty ways, with bloggers, various tricks with newspapers and blacking us out from the TV channel interviews. It is no coincidence that none of the major channels nationwide had given us a voice. So then, to conclude with my answer, there was indeed a certain climate and all this was a planned conspiracy, but it is all slanderous lies and will fail. Nothing has been proven and nothing will be proven because the Golden Dawn is as clean as the crystal water coming up from a mountain spring.
- “Listen to us leader and listen well, you have managed to humiliate the system once again!.” (translation of a Greek slogan made by nationalists towards Michaloliakos while he was captive inside the police station) – This is not just a slogan but a kind of consciousness for Greek Nationalists and not only them, but also for hundreds of thousands of Greeks who in this ordeal stand by Golden Dawn even if they don’t completely agree with them politically. What do you have to say to those people, who had no doubts right from the beginning? 
– Indeed, it was Golden Dawn, and not simply myself all along, the Golden Dawner’s, the nationalists are the patriots who marched us down the path of virtue, the path of the nationalist struggle, humiliating the system. Without having money, without having a TV channel, without having sponsors, we managed to have 7%, and now have surpassed 20%, according to surveys conducted lately. You ask me what to say to those standing at my side? I wish them strength, I wish them to have strength, perseverance and move forward. What we need right now, and I say this from behind the prison walls, is more struggle. What is important is not I Michaloliakos, not Golden Dawn, above all what is important is Greece. Right now, Greece is currently lost, it has been sold out. They undermined our armed forces, crime has spread everywhere, they are preparing a new law legalizing essentially illegal immigrants. The Greeks must resist. Fighters and Comrades, have strength and even if we go behind bars we will be on your side.
- So how far do you think the system will go with it’s treason – and what might be hiding behind the unprecedented persecution of a political party with elected MPs beyond the obvious political reasons accusing you of treason?
– It is unprecedented in the modern political history of the country, a party with elected MPs having the leader sent to prison along with members of the movement. It has never been done, even after 74 nor before ’67. Maybe because for the first time there was a party not belonging to the club, these dirty political parties, that have led our Fatherland into this current mess. Because of this it happened for the first time. Because for the first time a truly nationalist party, really for Greece got in the parliament. As for the treason, I can only smile thinking that they would have “limits”.
In the military I have served on the Greek-Turkish and Greek-Bulgarian border, while those who accuse us and their political leaders, are the ones who did the least military service or avoided it completely. And what treason? Betraying a treacherous regime trying to bring it down? Going against it is an act of patriotism. Who are they who have been “Betrayed”? Those who took down the Greek Flag from ‘Imia? Those who said Cyprus is too many miles away in 1974? Those who are preparing for a new Annan Plan in Cyprus? Recently the statements of the Prime Minister with Anastasiadis want there to be a new referendum in Cyprus. Preparing theTurkification of the entire Island. Well, these accusations of treason from them do not bother us.We are far more deserving of the name patriots than those who have brought us into the current situation.
- What do you think of the possibility for them to try to outlaw the Golden Dawn and simultaneously attempt to erect a party coming from the same place but on a much smaller scale that will follow all the protocols they set, what goes through your mind about that?
– I believe that they have little chance of success in such an endeavor. Besides they lost in the past … And do not forget the statements of Karatzaferis on the morning show of the Mega channel, he had said that “if it was me, there would be a real right-wing.” Meaning of course, right-wing Karatzaferis leading an “independent, free-nationalist movement”. Indeed this free and unbound nationalist movement – But yet Karatzaferis failed and has been thrown to the trash in the history of the Greek people – There is not a way to stop it. The Golden Dawn is not a usual party with a polling rate. It has become myth, it has become a legend, it has spread to every corner of Greece at the moment and has sympathies even in political spaces not imaginable, even the left! Whatever they do, they will fail. The future is ours, the Golden Dawn can not be stopped by any law or any unconstitutional bans.
- According to an increasing number of lawyers in the country and even the criminal justice system, many of the charges will not hold up in court. What will happen when the Golden Dawn will start to be vindicated? Has the government considered this possibility you think? “Does the government control at all what is happening and what is your political assessment?
– Actually many charges have already been dropped. All false witnesses used were either protected or celebrities or people who have no idea what the Golden Dawn is. This was passed off as true for a short period against the Golden Dawn, with these people coached in their responses. In one instance, a man who we challenged accusing us with financial scandals, who gave testimony speaking for two owners, without saying who they are. Others for transport of arms and various other fairy tales. Namely those saying these things will do anything … What I mean is where did they find him this witness? They found him in prison where he is there for a criminal offense. Government investigators to find witnesses, they search for prison convicts who are in trouble. Even then, what do they say? What evidence do they give? Nothing! They look nowhere, looking at monasteries and can not prove anything … 
The charges will surely be dropped. We are innocent. The Golden Dawn has a legitimate political struggle. Its big crime was that the actions were nationalistic. In a protectorate, in a foreign occupied government, the nationalist struggle is a crime. Now as for the government, I do not believe that it has no control over that. It’s a small group of power around the Prime Minister, which is in panic from the devastation that resulted from the economic collapse, our national issues are sold out one after another, and certainly in terms of the Golden Dawn, it will not get votes in the same way that Nea Demokratia got it’s votes in 1977.
- As parliamentarians, representing hundreds of thousands of Greeks who have rights, they not only refuse to recognize you, but your voters. A few days ago, you made a request to take part in a vote inside the parliament.
– In our case it is a flagrant violation of the Constitution. We represent some of the voters among the Greek people and they prevent us from going to vote in the House . It is yet another illegal and unconstitutional act. We have the laws of Greece on our side and I believe that we will be vindicated.
- Mr Michaloliakos for years there were town squares with 200 and 300 hardcore Nationalists. We would like to know what is it that protects Golden Dawn and empowers it as it grows?
- The big weapon of the Golden Dawn is that you do not sell nor buy. It is the belief in the idea, the belief in Greece and that God is on our side and we are unwavering. The Golden Dawn started like a small flame that was once just in the town squares as you mentioned, from the 200 and 300 hardcore nationalists, today it has become an unstoppable force that has spread across the country. The future is ours! Warm greetings to the militant leaders of “Stoxos” and to all readers of this patriotic newspaper.

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