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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nigerian prince 'behind massive migration scam'

A Nigerian prince ran a huge illegal immigration racket in the UK, a court was told yesterday.

Dr Yilkyes Bala, 54, was accused of using a complex web of security companies to mask a ‘systematic attack’ on Britain’s borders over eight years.

The African royal allegedly used dozens of refugee passports passed to him by a corrupt Home Office official to give fellow Nigerians new identities.

He then employed them and gave them references so they could ‘hit the jackpot’ and obtain a National Insurance number, giving them full rights of citizenship.

Bala even conspired with others to give his second wife and his brother false identities so they could join him at his home in South-East London, the jury heard.

He is on trial with six others – including his wife and ex-wife.

Simon Farrell QC, prosecuting, told Canterbury Crown Court the case was a ‘systematic attack against our immigration laws which took place over many years’.
‘In various ways all these defendants were involved in assisting individuals who had no right to be in the UK to live and work here,’ he added.

‘A corrupt Home Office official, since convicted of misconduct in a public office, assisted by providing hundreds of improperly issued refugee passports.’
Bala referred to himself as ‘His Royal Highness Prince Yilkyes Bala Tonglele PhD State Crown Prince’, the jury heard. 

The court was told he runs the Armour Group of companies, which supplies private security guards. It is linked to other firms including ABC Guarding Ltd, which became Mayfair and Knightsbridge Guarding Ltd in 2006.

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