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Monday, 28 October 2013

New Narrative For Syria: Assad's Biological Weapons

With recent developments surrounding the Syrian crisis and the political rug being jerked from underneath the Anglo-American imperialists by Syrian/Russian diplomacy, the increasingly poor public relations of the death squads, inter-death squad fratricide, and the growing rift between the United States and Saudi Arabia, it might appear that the assault on Syria which was imminent only months ago is drawing to a close. Taken in tandem with the deal drawn up between Russia and Syria regarding the destruction of chemical weapons and Assad’s constant victories against the death squads, one may easily be tempted to believe that the imperialist quest for the destruction of Syria has already largely come to an end.

Unfortunately, however, the Anglo-Americans seem, at best, ambivalent about their future plans for Syria. This means that the world is not quite out of the woods yet when it comes to the possibility of a general military action against Syria.

Even while the United Nations OPCW is now in the process of obtaining and destroying the chemical weapons that were the object of so much paranoia, propaganda, and fear-mongering by the West, many outlets in the Western and Israeli media are now raising their voices in a collective whine over Syria’s potential “biological weapons.”

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