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Monday, 28 October 2013

Muslim Conference, Norway: Stoning is OK

Muslim "peace conference" in Norway confirming that all Muslims want murder by stoning method, not only radicals. Muslim ask, "what shall media and politicians say now, shall they deport us?"

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  1. Call it sick.

    Choose whatever word you want to describe for Moslems,
    you can’t come up with a word that’s harsh enough

    When it comes to Islam there’s never a deed too outlandish for the backwards sand-devils living among us portrayed as normal functioning humans.

    This is exactly the kind of crap that happens when you are dealing with a culture that hasn't evolved in the past 1000 years.

    Bunch of necro, pedo, crazy savages . . .
    But most of us [European White People] embrace them and don’t even realise that the muslims do a lot of acrobats to defend the cult of Mohammed, called Islam

    Sharia = imprisonment of the mind and of the body and spirit too. Have Sharia to the extent that it does exist and you have man as robot to the extent that man can be such.

    Sharia doesn't expand the human condition.
    Rather it diminishes it to the extent that it is applied.

    Islam is the [non] religion which puts straight-jackets on people and it calls this both proper and virtuous.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Islam makes slaves of Allah and Muslims in turn make slaves of non-Muslims.
    A more wretched belief system would be hard to find
    And this is the legacy Muslims are obliged to follow
    Shocking what Muhammad did or what he thought he was 'guided' to do.

    A major key to Islam's eventual destruction is to just let more and more of the absurd Islamic immoral theology of a seventh-century Bedouin come out.

    Islam will help to self-destruct.
    The modern world is passing Islam by and Islam will never catch up.

    It can't, and this is because it is indeed, just another part of jewish influenced genocide of the White Nations, the immoral theology of a seventh-century Bedouin, a rotting corpse that poison lives and the immoral no theology of the rotting jews goes hand in hand.

    Kosher or Halal, kaffur or Goyim to them it’s all the same.
    Same aim, working hand-in-hand – just under different banners.

    There is no extreme – no moderate Islam – Islam is a death cult no matter how you sugar-coat it.

    When it comes to Islam, it is high time for the European White People to learn to connect the dots.