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Monday, 28 October 2013

Jewish Prime Minister selling UK out to Islamic Infiltrators

The UK is in trouble: serious trouble. The treacherous Jewish Prime Minister, David Cameron, has made a point of giving greater power to the Muslim immigrants who infest our shores; proving yet again that Judaism and Islam are one and the same, and that both must be thoroughly rooted out if indigenous Europe has any chance of survival.

David Ben Cameron, on the official UK government website, wrote the following treasonous drivel:

"I want Britain to be one of the world’s centres of Islamic finance - from the highest and mightiest financial institutions all the way to start-ups. We’ve got tens of thousands of young people starting their own businesses and tonight I can announce that we will make sure that there is a type of Start-Up Loan that is totally consistent with all the principles of Islamic finance. We must do that forStart-Up Loans, we must do that for student loans and we must do it for the Enterprise Allowance. That’s what a welcoming, tolerant, multi-racial country does."
Well, Cameronstein, I have news for you. The UK is not a 'welcoming, tolerant, multi-racial country', it is the home of the indigenous Celtic and Anglo Saxon people of Europe, and the hordes of immigrants that are here have turned our homeland into an open sewer in which our culture has been destroyed, our people denied employment due to discriminatory anti-White recruitment policies, freedom of speech has been obliterated by Trotskyite political correctness, and our children are raped and drugged by those who despise us.

The impact of millions of Muslim immigrants in the UK could best be felt this year at the time of the superstitious nonsense of Eid, in heavily colonised metropolitan Yorkshire. On that day, our supermarkets were a pleasure to visit. The people had happy faces, not the usual stressed and beaten down ones; the only languages which could be heard were English and an occasional other European one. Why was there so much happiness? Because for once, our supermarkets, our streets, indeed vast areas of our towns had the feeling of belonging to England; rather than the usual depressing feeling of being infested with colonisers. The vermin who wear ninja costumes, sell heroin to our children, approach all females over the age of 9 with disgusting demands for oral sex (if you don't suck my cock you must be racist etc), constantly preach about their insane superstitious hate-religion, deliberately switch from English to Urdu in order to insult us (not knowing that we are so used to their language we understand when they swear about us in Urdu), look at us as if we are subhumans - all of this scum were behind closed doors praying to their dæmons. It was a pleasure to be in Yorkshire when the colonisers were not in the open. It is only a pity that they returned to contaminate our territory the next day.

David Cameron took great pleasure in announcing he is a Jew. As such he should be in Israel, not in the UK. In his homeland he can pontificate without hurting any Europeans; in his place as Prime Minister of the UK, he is harming every last one of us. The 1290 Edict expressly forbids Jews a place in England. This is a law which needs to be enforced. Yes, it was overturned by the despicable Oliver Cromwell, but then considering that his regime had no legitimacy, that makes anything put in place by Cromwell unlawful and irrelevant. The 1290 Edict still stands, and the Jews must leave!

The traitor in Westminster went on to state,
"I’m proud of the that fact that even in difficult economic times this country is one of the few countries in the world that has kept its promise on aid and development – meeting that 0.7% target of our gross national income. A lot of that money goes to some of the most challenged Islamic countries in the world."

Re-read that! In a time when the Post Office has been given away to capitalist thieves, when millions of indigenous people languish in zero hours 'jobs' or have no jobs at all, Cameron is proud that tax-payers have been robbed and money belonging to the UK has been given away to nations who hate us and wish to turn our country into a third world shariah cesspit. Cameron has followed in the footsteps of his 'labour' predecessors in forcing halal food on all schools, in failing to prosecute muslim rapists, in encouraging racial pollution and the death of the indigenous people. The man is scum, and he happily associates with scum.

Interestingly, at this time of the year, a Ukrainian man with far more sense than the majority of brain-washed/brain-dead UK citizens, has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for fighting against the Muslim cancer which is destroying all our lands. The timing of the imprisonment of Pavlo Lapshyn cannot have been anything but an act of dhimmitude. Considering that colonisers who rape our children are let off by liberal magistrates on the grounds that what they do is acceptable in their religion, the sentencing of Pavlo Lapshyn to a minimum term of 40 years must be seen as a political action against a soldier of the European Resistance. Rather than being sentenced, the man deserves a medal for attempting to wipe out three of the self-described barracks of the enemy (“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers….” (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of Turkey since 2003.)

Wake up Europe! We are in a state of war. The Jews who control our governments are working with the ersatz Jews of Islam to destroy our way of life, our culture and ultimately our race. Islam and Judaism are one, and both must be eradicated from Europe - and eradicated 

To put the political prosecution of Pavlo Lapshyn in perspective, he was given a minimum 40 year term for stabbing a colonist and planting three bombs which didn't kill anyone. Irfan Naseer was sentenced to 18 years for plotting a terrorist campaign which would have killed thousands of people in eight rucksack bombings of civilians (although non-Muslims are counted as enemy combatants to such vermin). After the 7/7 massacre, NO-ONE was convicted at all. 60 schoolgirls were raped by two Pakistanis, who also chopped up another girl, Charlene Downs, before selling her remains as kebabs (two other girls went missing and probably were also dished up as food) - the pair of Muslim beasts were acquitted, police covered-up their crimes, and their kebab shop (Funny Boyz, 16a Dickson Road, Blackpool FY1 2AE, Lancashire, 01253 752555 is still open!)

Still think we aren't being destroyed by design? Still think that we have benefited from the multi-culti invasion and the two-headed beast of Judæo-Islam? Still think that we are not being attacked in an undeclared war?

- Rufus


  1. 40 years for not killing the aliens in our midst... And they allow pedos and other dross to get off free, or do little time. Now then, where's my old .50 cal, aah, got it.

    Cherry Orchard Veteran.

  2. Trouble is that he should have got rid of a Rothschild, a Warburg or a Schiff. If you are going to do something crazy, make sure the target is worth the risk!

    1. Spot on. It will have to happen that way eventually.

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