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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Jewish ambassador concerned over criticism of Jews on the net

Jewish ambassador Gideon Behar

In a meeting with a couple of reporters from the Jewish press, Israeli diplomat Gideon Behar expressed concern over online criticism of Jews.

Behar said the Internet and other media have become forums where anti-Jewish content can easily be found.
“It’s the real world today,” he said.
“Kids live on the Internet. There is a rise in anti-Semitism and hate speech on the Internet.”
Behar is director of the department for combating criticism of international Jewry at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was in Toronto last week as head of the country’s delegation to the semi-annual plenary meeting of the “International ‘Holocaust‘ Remembrance Alliance” (IHRA). The IHRA consists of 31 member countries and is mandated to indoctrinate people with anti-German war propaganda and promote anti-European ideas.

That’s important in the face of “Holocaust” revisionism, Behar stated. He claimed it is becoming increasingly common to question the official “Holocaust” narrative.

The Jewish ambassador said the “Holocaust” narrative has lead to an “agenda to give asylum to persecuted peoples”, though not in Israel, where top politicians refer to asylum seekers as “infiltrators” and do their best to keep them out in an effort to “preserve Jewish identity”.

When you find online material which criticizes Jews, Behar suggests you try to censor it. “Don’t leave it,” he said. Complain to the web host, cite their own terms of use to get it removed. “Things can be done. Students can be very active in this field,” he said.
“The message is that each one of us has power today, and we have to be active.”
Canadian Jewish News


  1. So 'Abolish The White Race', by the pretend Harvard Professor, Noel Ignatiev, is, er... acceptable then? The parasite is a sadly real, but natural phenomenon, and it cannot help but act the way it does. Hard decisions, and hard action is required.


  2. Well, tell that Ambastardor to tell the Jews to cease all their evil deeds and then maybe, just maybe, people will quit criticising them !!!!!

  3. But the jew cannot cease their evil deeds 'itsinum'. It is just like telling a cockroach to be hygienic.