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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Internet Radio - a useful tool

Knowledge is Power, but without a means to transmit that knowledge to others, it is of very little use. The strength of the Secret Societies has been their ability to keep vital information tightly held within their own circles. However, without an ability to transmit the information through the generations, the knowledge they steadfastly hold to themselves would have been lost. We, of course, are not in the same position as the secret societies. Our task is not to keep occult knowledge hidden, but rather to ensure that forbidden knowledge is made more widely available. In these dark days where the searchlight of censorship is ever present, our work in making the Truth available to the people is far harder than is that of our enemies who wish to keep vital information from us.

Writing articles is a useful tool in reaching people who accept that all is not well with the world. Sadly, due to the detrimental impact of television, so many people now have such reduced attention spans, that skim reading has become the norm, rather than the vital practice of repeatedly reading material and considering the points made in depth. The 'dumbing down' of education has, of course, exacerbated this problem.

Video is a useful tool in the modern age, but it suffers from the tendency to be used as a medium of entertainment. The deliberate distortion of what passes for news by the mainstream media, has been matched by the controlled alternative media of the likes of Alex Jones. The coverage of the Woolwich Incident this year by the BBC is comparable with the scare-mongering in Alex Jones' Police State series. The alleged antagonists both use graphic imagery to appeal to the emotions of viewers in order to push their propaganda. By appealing to emotion, the intention is to bypass the rational thought processes required to analyse what is being presented to them. This is the same suspension of disbelief employed in the entertainment industry, and that is not coincidental by any means. Video is useful, but the temptation to entertain has to be avoided. The only useful videos are those which present information which can be verified by independent research; this may make them problematic for the television generation who have come to expect high-tech presentations which require little or no thought on their behalf.

Sound is a medium which is often overlooked by many people fighting the international enemy; this is unfortunate. When we think, we think in words. There has been a wealth of fascinating research into the ability of sound waves to influence our feelings, and even to alter physical shapes. Indeed, those who care to read J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion cannot fail to see how his description of sound as a creative (and destructive) force can be applied to the religious texts which many people hold dear. The science of Cymatics gives evidence to the importance of sound in the natural world, and thus as a means of imparting knowledge so that it is retained. Sound differs from visual information insofar as although video has a more immediate impact, it is a temporary one, which dissipates much as do our dreams. Only the most powerful imagery we are exposed to tends to linger, as with our nightmares and with horror imagery such as the 9/11 massacre and the Holyhoax lies; imagery which loses its potency as it is debunked.

When one considers the vast resources pumped into the degenerate music industry in order to control how those who listen to 'pop' music think, the importance of sound is clearly something our enemies have realised. The debased lyrics which are repeated as an internalised self-destructive mantra have caused damage to our people which can be seen in sexual debauchery, race-mixing and all manner of other perversions which are destroying the civilised world. An understanding of the deep impact of sound may offer a valuable tool to educate ourselves and to help those who have been poisoned by the lies of the enemy to recover from the harm intentionally done to them.

The music which is used to pollute our youth - especially our young girls - uses the repetition of degenerate lyrics, sang (well, spoken really), in the first person. Those who sing the carefully prepared spiritual toxins vomited forth by the 'entertainment' media, unwittingly imported alien ideas which then become the basis of their subsequent degenerate behaviour. 

Why is there so much homosexuality, race-mixing, teenage pregnancy etc? Because the media spoon feed our children with immorality, which they first encounter in the songs they sing as boastful glorification of all that is sick and debased

Of course the reinforcement of the liberal multiculti sickness in the school system - teaching children that they must 'experiment' with same sex, inter-racial sex, and as many different 'partners' as possible - only helps embed the disease in the minds of the youth. Perhaps if we had more first person music glorifying our own culture, ethnic purity and morality, we could deflect some of the damage at least in our own children. But then we would be labelled as 'extremists' by those who seek our demise. We are labelled anyway, so why should we care!

Sound is a weapon, as can be seen by the negative impact of R&B - for which a cursory search of the internet will bring up vast numbers of songs which are truly stomach churning. Music without lyrics can be uplifting and inspiring. Sadly, music with positive lyrics tends to fall victim to a religious obsession which can be off-putting and a distraction, pandering to sectarianism and to the whims of cultists. Music is not the only means by which we can make an impact, educational and inspirational radio is also a tool which we should utilise.

Sven from Fascovereign Weltanschauung (and the Knowledge is Power Forum) has brought to my attention the work of Paul Hickman of Radio Albion. Paul Hickman is currently reproducing Twilight of the Gods by the murdered Irish hero, William Joyce.

William Joyce was a man of great intelligence and integrity who fought against the European suicide of 1939 - 45. At one time a member of the British Union of Fascists, Joyce broke with the 'kosher fascist', Oswald Mosley, when he realised that far from being a great leader of the British Resistance, he was a lackey of the Establishment, acting (whether intentionally or not) as a figurehead for an organisation to control and thus neuter effective opposition to the internationalists of the Establishment. Whilst Mosley was ordering his men to don army uniforms and go to the continent to kill our European brothers and thus save international capitalism and its twin, Bolshevism (both Talmudic fronts), Joyce made the courageous decision to continue the fight for freedom and peace, by moving to Germany and using the German radio network to tell the British people what the Westminster regime would not. For telling the truth, Joyce (an Irishman) was murdered by the British State, and libelled by the Talmudic media as Lord Haw Haw. It was those who signed his death warrant who deserved the gallows for treason.

The Radio Albion broadcasts utilise recording of William Joyce himself, alongside music of the period, and the narration of Paul Hickman. This is precisely the initiative we need to educate people who have hitherto believed the lies of the war mongers of Westminster. As ever more people are awakening to the lies of the Establishment with regards to the NATO occupation of Serbia (Kosovo), the '9/11' False Flag massacre, and the many wars of international corporate aggression since that time (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia et al), surely the time is ripe to expose the greatest lies ever told which have been repeatedly use to justify the criminal behaviour of the Talmudists - the lies used to destroy Europe in the 1940s and establish the bandit state of Israel on stolen Palestinian land.

The episodes of Radio Albion concerning the martyred William Joyce broadcast thus far, are the following:

Direct link to Episode 1 -

Direct link to Episode 2 -

Direct link to Episode 3 -

Direct link to Episode 4 -

Direct link to Episode 5 -

Direct link to Episode 6 -

Other interesting material, and newer episodes of the above series will be available as soon as they are aired at

In these days of shortened attention spans,it is possible that the addition of pictures or film to the above podcasts could make them more accessible to our people. I would urge anyone with the time and ability to enhance these radio presentations with suitable imagery to do so.

We have many tools at our disposal. Imagination and work is required to embrace and utilise the weaponry which can awaken our people and upset the agenda of our enemies. As more people awaken to the undeniable truth that there is something very wrong with the world, it is our duty to present them with information, tailored to their abilities to understand, and importantly, presented in a manner they will be prepared to pay attention to. To borrow a slogan used by those who seek to reduce us all to a uniform unthinking mass - diversity is strength - and as far as this issue is concerned, it really is.


  1. I'm not sure Mosley could be called 'kosher' whatsoever. The guy was jailed for God's sake, and was ridiculed for decades after his release. The more we alienate variations of our past white heroes, the more we play into our enemy's filthy, greasy, blood-stained hands. Let's keep from becoming enemy camps, and finally become the mass our enemy, the Ashkenazi Jew, worries over the most.

    Stones Of Rollright Man

  2. John

    It isn't ' Twilight of the Gods', it is 'Twilight over England'

    I think the following sentence is profound and I agree with it 100%.#

    At one time a member of the British Union of Fascists, Joyce broke with the 'kosher fascist', Oswald Mosley, when he realised that far from being a great leader of the British Resistance, he was a lackey of the Establishment, acting (whether intentionally or not) as a figurehead for an organisation to control and thus neuter effective opposition to the internationalists of the Establishment.

  3. Thank you for reproducing this. I don't know why I wrote Twilight of the Gods rather than Twilight Over England - I'm sure that was a subconscious slip and one which betrays my unashamed Europhilia!

    Oswald Mosley was very much in the grip of the Jewish power, and no matter how much he was vilified by the enemy media, his treatment was nothing compared to those who genuinely fought to free us from the financial parasites. Far from it being wrong to speak out against those who have set themselves up as false leaders, it is our duty to expose them in order to prevent our people falling for the same tricks.

    Thanks again to Paul for these enlightening broadcasts. Sven from Fascovereign Weltanschauung highlighted them, and also John's broadcast going out tomorrow. I look forward to listening to more good radio - this is a tool we need to utilise.