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Thursday, 24 October 2013

INTERNATIONAL JEWRY: "Do as we say not as we do"

I do not disagree with what the Israeli's are doing concerning immigrants (apart from the Arabs of course whose land they stole), what pisses me off is the fact that due to Jewish led policies all the former majority white lands are not allowed to do the same. The hypocrisy of the Jew is astounding. This aspect of world Jewry alone shows that they believe that they are the 'chosen one's' and to hell with everyone else.

When did you ever see a Jew stand up and speak about stopping non-white immigration and introducing repatriation in the USA, UK, Europe or the Antipodes? NEVER and you never will. The main reason you will never see this is because the Jew is an immigrant himself, his loyalty is not to the land or people of where he currently resides it is to his 'RACE'. Something that is forbidden to members of the white race by the Jew.

John Hardon


  1. That term, 'forbidden', is relative. Why don't we do what they do, and simply ignore the rest, and do what we want to do? Who makes the rules?

    Fellow White Man

    1. Fellow White Man.
      We cannot do as they do because we are RULED by them. They make the rules. Who asked us if we wanted all those immigrants? If they did ask, we would have said NO.

    2. So what's the answer my friend? We cannot continue as slaves.

    3. Slavery + persecution = ???? ???

      Finding the answer should be as easy as 2+2.. Surely?


  2. Keep up the Good Work its a Shame the Show is over pity we never Stop this

    How did it come this far we need divine intervention