The 14 Words

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Why are the jews the strangest people in the world?

His intellect will never have a constructive effect but will be destructive. To be at any price; this price was the radical falsification of all nature, all naturalness all reality of the whole inner world as well as the outer. They created a counter concept of natural condition: They turned religion, cult, morality, psychology, into an incurable contradiction to their natural values. The Christian Church cannot make the slightest claim to originality when compared with the ‘holy people’. That’s why the Jews are the most catastrophic people of world history. By their after effect they made the mankind so thoroughly false that even today Christians can feel anti-jewish without realising that he himself is the ultimate Jewish consequence. His prudence of self-preservation, he will take sides with all the instincts of decadence, so that he can prevail against the world.
The Jew  a parasitical type of man, thriving only on the expense of all healthy forms of life. In the hands of the Jewish priests the great age of Israel, became an age of decay until this day.

The energy and ‘high intelligence’? of the Jew, if at all, displayed maybe in the young stock-exchange Jew  is the most disgusting invention of mankind. This Jewish intelligence would be only self-serving, for him and his money, to evolve in richness. Why did the Jew have the most painful history of all? For only one reason, his corruptness, as all world is observing today.
To define themselves against the world they denatured all natural values, they created ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Equality’ to save the weak and inferior. But, ‘the source of wrong is never unequal rights, but the claim of ‘equal rights’. All that is born of weakness, of envy, of revenge, the anarchist and the Christian have the same origin.


  1. Jewish intellect is self-congratulative. It is only there in liberal propaganda, and pushed as an alternative to the European version, which as we all know, is tangible. The world owes us a living, and without us, ideas and practical inventions that made everyone else live beyond 35, and able to become wealthy, and live well, the world would still be somewhere between BC 100, and AD 800. All else is irrelevant. We sgould strive to regain ALL we have had stolen from us.


  2. The jew: squeal, thrill, shill and kill. Their race (and what a race) declared a backstabbing war on the human natural order from day one!

  3. The jew follow the babylonian talmud and place themselves in the seat of God when they have created NOTHING.
    They are anti-God and anti-Christ and anti anything decent and moral and GOOD. They are sworn to OUR destruction you can see that by their actions...either they win and WE are eradicated from the earth or WE wake up to their tricks and lies and take control of OUR planet!