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Saturday, 12 October 2013

I want you to want me - A Poem by John Hardon

"I want you to want me, I want you to love me" says the Jew
As he picks your pocket and metaphorically gouges out your eye from it's socket so that you will be blind to the knife that is about to strike your heart and kill you dead, in your bed.
Sweet dreams ended replaced with the Jewish nightmare instead
The Holocaust he screams, playing the role of the eternal victim to induce guilt, hoping your resistance to the lie will wilt.
For the Jewish perceived sin of being White you are nought but shite, A non-human put here by his god Lucifer to be used and abused, enslaved and well behaved until the Jew has the world in the palm of his hands and control over all your lands.
Stand up you White man, you Gentile, do not let the Jew defile the inner knowledge that the Creator endowed within you, do not listen to the Jew. After all what matters is you and yours, the Creator's and Natures Laws.
John Hardon  

Yes it is a 'Cheap (Jewish) Trick'
(Love the song though)

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  1. Commander Rockwell wrote about this garbage in "White Power" about glam rock and how even businessmen were wearing fake eyelashes - AJ 88!