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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hungary: Holohoax, Hypocrisy and Jewish Pressure in Action

Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid addresses Hungarian Parliament.

Just days after the Jewish crackdown on Golden Dawn’s leadership, Jews have staged a two day event in Hungary called the Conference on Jewish Life and Anti-Semitism in Contemporary Europe, in which they have again ordered stricter action be taken against Jobbik, a Hungarian Nationalist party receiving a very high level of popular support. Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid, who according to the Jerusalem Post is “The Most Influential Jew in the World in 2013,” stood in front of the Hungarian Parliament and spewed a barrage of emotionally-charged lies and veiled threats at the Hungarian politicians. With typical Jewish chutzpah, Lapid, who represents the most racist and hateful country in the world, lectured Hungarian Europeans about “fighting racism and hatred.”

The Jerusalem Post reports:
The Finance Minister told the parliament of his complex emotions at attending an event in a building that, 70 years ago, bore a sign reading “no entry for Jews and dogs.”
“We want to forget, but we cannot,” he said.
Lapid told the story of his late father, the former journalist and politician Yosef “Tommy” Lapid, who at age 13 hid in a basement in the ghetto in Budapest as Nazis and Hungarian fascists took Jews on death marches and shooting them into the Danube River.
Yosef Lapid and his mother were sent on a march, and on the way, a Russian plane passed over them, and the Jews started running away. Germans shot into the air, and Yosef and his mother hid in an outhouse. The march continued without them, but they didn’t know where to go and returned to the ghetto, hoping that the Russians would arrive before the next death march.
Years later, Lapid visited Budapest with his father, who took him to the outhouse where he had hidden. “This is where I was saved and my Zionism was born, because this is where I understood that there has to be a place I can go to,” Yair Lapid recalled his father telling him.
“We were a statistical error. He was supposed to die, and I wasn’t supposed to be born, but we were still there, against all odds, two men who needed to have a place to go to,” Lapid said. He pointed out that 450,000 Hungarian Jews were killed in the 10 months the Nazis occupied Hungary.
“I’m a guest, and guests aren’t supposed to embarrass their hosts, but it would defeat the purpose of this event if we deny the fact that genocide of this scope could not help without the active help of tens of thousands of Hungarians and without the silence of millions of others,” he said. “There is a stain on the honor of this house. For years, we all tried to ignore the stain, but history taught us that ignoring is the wrong policy.”
The finance minister warned that, “anti-Semitism raised its ugly head in Hungary again, and we know today that we cannot disregard racism, we cannot let it grow. Hatred does not disappear. It is an awful fact of life that we must battle every hour of every day.”
“We can never, never stop fighting against racism and hatred and for justice,” he added.
Lapid concluded the speech by telling members of the Hungarian Parliament that they must “wake up every morning and say ‘this will never happen again. Jews will not die on the land of Hungary just because they’re Jews, and we are really committed to that.’”
Of course, proving once again that all governments in White countries are completely sold out to the Jews, the Hungarian Deputy PM Tibor Navracsics, just like Greece’s PM Antonis Samaras, promised to fight against the good of his people for his Jew masters:

“We cannot allow, especially knowing our own responsibility, anti-Semitism to gain strength in Hungary,” Tibor Navracsics told a conference on European anti-Semitism in the parliament building in Budapest.
“We will crack down with legal means if necessary and, while we can, we will make sure through political means that Hungary remains a republic of good men.”

It seems that the Jews are attempting to take out both of their main opponents in the Western world simultaneously. They are getting desperate, and the more desperate they get, the more sloppy and less subtle their tactics become. This can only be taken as good news for the rest of us, as the world is being forced awake from their long Jewish-induced slumber by this type of psychotic behavior.


  1. And this, from a bunch of hypocrits who erected a statue in honour of Trotsky earlier this year. Filthy devil sperm from hell the damned lot of them.

    Chips Mcgrath.

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  3. His brother Lajos Lapid is currently serving in the Hungarian parliament with a dual nationality.